My Chamber

Hey Crazy Ho!!

So its that time again hey? The time where the bug bites and you decide to head off again? I should be used to it by now, and in many ways I am…but i still miss you when you’re gone….and i always wait in great anticipation on your return.

I am so sorry that you didn’t get your visa:-( I was so sure you would! But maybe it’s a sign. Maybe the US and private yachts just weren’t the way to go. Maybe, just maybe, there is something way better out there for you. Just waiting for you to stumble across it. I know you’ll find it:-) you’re already looking, searching, hunting for it. Its exciting to watch;-)

Sometimes i wish that i could go with you on all these trips. All the adventures and all the nightmares that come with it. But my life is different from yours. My career took a whole different road. But please know that I am always here for you.

These days when i sit back and think about when we met, i laugh with tears running down my face. Who could have imagined?? Where would you find a pair more different and yet so alike? I’ve tried to think about the exact moment when we became best friends….two strangers thrown together in an adventure. After much thought i came down to one single moment in time not long after we met. It was the night we were finally initiated into the clan. After being painted, deep heated, bathed in foul smelling, rotten fish infested dam water we had to rush to our room to get all dressed up in the most tapped way imaginable. No bathing/showering allowed. We didn’t want to get our room all dirtied by our smelly clothes and bodies….so what did we do? I’ll never forget the image of the 2 of us standing in our door butt naked, wet, freezing, smelling awful but laughing at each other. That is the moment when we cemented our friendship. And what an awesome friendship it has become. An odd pair we might be(Chartered Accountant + Graphic Designer = Chaos)

We have seen each other at our worst…and nothing you could possibly do would surprise me anymore. You have become like the sister i never had. You understand me, my silly sense of humour and of course the fact that i have a few weirdeties. You have never judged me. You have never tried to lead me anywhere, but rather stand next to me holding my hand, running through unknown territory with me. Ever willing to fall as long as I fall along with you.

Our chamber song is known by all who know and love us. And sometimes, just sometimes i wince when i think of the two of us dancing on bars singing it over karaoke mics…..but mostly it just makes me laugh.
“I’m young and I’m hopeless
I’m lost and I know this
Going nowhere fast that’s what they say
I’m troublesome I’m fallen
I’m angry at my father
Its me against this world and I don’t care!”

I’d like to think that somewhere along the 7 years we have becoming slightly less hopeless, and that we are no longer going nowhere fast and that you at least are no longer angry at your dad. I never was, but the chamber song only worked if both of us were singing….so i just smiled and shouted along with you;-)

And do you remember our pathetic attempt at a Chamber cheer??? They weren’t very impressed with us, but we collapsed in mirth. Ignored orders to “Stop laughing” and of course had to carry the consequences of our “senseless” act…At least it was worth it. I can’t remember when last I had laughed that hard!

I wish you luck on your latest adventure. And i hope that you will be returning safely in due time so we can fulfill all those dreams we had about growing old together. Come back in one piece OK?


Chamber Ruby


2 thoughts on “My Chamber

  1. Glug….yep, my fav line in any letter! She’s probably my only friend who will not freak out about the opening line…giggle and ask me if thats the only thing i could come up with:-)

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