Dear Zombie winner

And the winner is *drum roll* –> Alessiolr with Zombie 1.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and to all of the lovely people who actually voted too:)

To the winner: Congrats hun! I’ll be in contact with regards to your prize soonest:)



Time to find a Zombie winner

Hello my lovelies:)

So last week I challenged anyone who dare to take part in  a little competition to win a Ruby care package, containing some of my favourite things.  The general idea is that I’ll be posting the entries here and you guys can vote for your favourite in the comments.  Voting will close at midnight on Thursday 15 September 2011.

The details of what the image had to be about  –>  I’m feeling like an over excited zombie that’s stretched out too thinly. 
Remember that when you vote to not only choose your favourite, but also choose the one that expresses the caption most accurately.  One of the entrants pointed out to me that I have to remember that a Zombie can only get SO excited as they are really strictly speaking, chronically depressed.  So I decided to pass that little bit of information on to you guys…the judges.

And here are our entries:

Zombie 1:

Zombie 2:

Zombie 3:

Zombie 4:

Zombie 5:

So off you go my lovelies…vote vote vote:) Winner shall be revealed on the 16th:)


A Competition!!!!!!

A winner is you

Right… this week has been a crazy mixture of too much excitement, too many meetings, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stressed, being thrown into the deep end and being expected to not only swim but to win the race, 16 to 20 hour workdays, hardly any sleep, more excitement, happiness, feeling overwhelmed, etc, etc, etc….you get the general picture right?

The point is it’s all really for a good cause and it’s all really exciting and it all relates to something I adore and something I get totally excited about….which means that it’s all totally worth it:)

I was chatting to a friend earlier today and a part of the conversation went something like this:
Ruby –> hence….i’m currently an over excited zombie that’s stretched too thinly
Ruby’s friend –>  If I had any artistic talent, that’d be worth a cartoon

And then an idea hit me square in the face.  A COMPETITION! The plan is that it will work something like this.  I’ll be giving you a phrase that you have to express in a drawing of some kind.  This drawing/painting can be either seriously artistic or cartoon like or a comic or whatever you want! Then you scan your picture and e-mail it to me ( ).  I’ll do a post with all the entries after the closing date and the readers get to vote for the best drawing.  The winner will be announced on the blog and I’ll make sure to send you a little prize.  I’m not sure exactly what the prize will be just yet…I guess that will depend on who wins and whether it’s a boy or a girl and how old you are etc etc etc.  But I promise it will be something nice:)

Right….so for this COMPETITION:
Phrase to express in drawing –>  I’m feeling like an over excited zombie that’s stretched out too thinly
Closing date to e-mail entries –>  9 September 2011 at midnight
Send entries to –>

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with:)