Dear Readers

May you all have a very blessed Christmas




A Competition!!!!!!

A winner is you

Right… this week has been a crazy mixture of too much excitement, too many meetings, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stressed, being thrown into the deep end and being expected to not only swim but to win the race, 16 to 20 hour workdays, hardly any sleep, more excitement, happiness, feeling overwhelmed, etc, etc, etc….you get the general picture right?

The point is it’s all really for a good cause and it’s all really exciting and it all relates to something I adore and something I get totally excited about….which means that it’s all totally worth it:)

I was chatting to a friend earlier today and a part of the conversation went something like this:
Ruby –> hence….i’m currently an over excited zombie that’s stretched too thinly
Ruby’s friend –>  If I had any artistic talent, that’d be worth a cartoon

And then an idea hit me square in the face.  A COMPETITION! The plan is that it will work something like this.  I’ll be giving you a phrase that you have to express in a drawing of some kind.  This drawing/painting can be either seriously artistic or cartoon like or a comic or whatever you want! Then you scan your picture and e-mail it to me ( ).  I’ll do a post with all the entries after the closing date and the readers get to vote for the best drawing.  The winner will be announced on the blog and I’ll make sure to send you a little prize.  I’m not sure exactly what the prize will be just yet…I guess that will depend on who wins and whether it’s a boy or a girl and how old you are etc etc etc.  But I promise it will be something nice:)

Right….so for this COMPETITION:
Phrase to express in drawing –>  I’m feeling like an over excited zombie that’s stretched out too thinly
Closing date to e-mail entries –>  9 September 2011 at midnight
Send entries to –>

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with:)


Dear South African drivers

I’ve noticed recently that there is some genuine confusion around the whole concept of driving.  What is it? What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? How should you do it? When should you do it?

So I’ve decided to set up a bit of a ‘Ruby’s tips to drivers’ list to guide you through the very basics.  Please, for the love of apple pie, USE IT!

1.  Driving is much the same as colouring in.  If you’re not purposefully changing lanes you need to stay in-between the lines

2.  Should you decide to change lanes, whether it be on the highway or while passing a slower moving vehicle, ALWAYS check your blind spot.

3.  If you’re the one screwing up and someone hoots…don’t be an ass and flip them the bird or shake your fist at them.  You’ve already acted like an idiot, a disarming gesture will be of better use.

4.  If someone gives you a gap.  Don’t, for the love of all things nice, take 5 minutes to take it or become all flustered.  Just GO GO GO.

5.  If the car in front of me is driving slowly, driving on my ass will NOT solve the problem.

6.  If I’m driving the speed limit or slightly over there is absolutely NO reason for you to be driving on my ass.  I have no obligation to move over to the slow lane if I’m keeping to the speed limit.  In fact, driving on my ass will probably ONLY cause me to slow down a little, or strategically make me hit the brakes for a milli- second to make you back off.

7.  That being said…if you’re not keeping up to the speed limit you have NO business driving in the fast lane of the highway and probably deserve someone driving on your ass…move over!

8.  Now, the cute little sign below shows you where your indicators are.  If you’re going to turn or change lanes…use them to INDICATE where you’re going.  It’s amazing how much less stressful driving becomes when all the people around you aren’t shouting at you for not indicating.

9.  If your lane is the one ending and you have to move into another lane…YOU DO NOT HAVE RIGHT OF WAY. The guy in the lane you’re moving to does.  So if there isn’t enough space you need to wait your turn.

10.  Aaaah….the infamous traffic circle.  People, it’s not that hard.  A circle is NOT a four-way stop.  In a circle you yield to the right.  This means that if the person on your right went over his yield line before you did you have to wait for him.  If you guys reach your lines at the same time and bearing in mind that you should BOTH be traveling at the speed limit, you should technically both be able to enter at the same time.  And for crying out loud…it is impossible to signal right in a traffic circle…if you do that means you have every intention of turning into the circle and causing severe damage to your car.  You have to exit the circle to you left and will therefore indicate to your left as you near your exit.

11.  A solid line on a two-way road means you are not allowed to pass as it is dangerous to do so.

12.  If you are driving on a truck’s ass the driver can not see you…not with all the blind spot and mirror checking in the world.

13.  Just because you drive a stupidly expensive car does not mean you own the road and everybody needs to get out of your way.

14.  Parents of little children –> I don’t care if your child is screaming blue murder because he/she hates sitting in the safety seat.  YOU are the parent.  Strap your child in.  It is incredibly dangerous to let a child stand on the back seat/front seat/sit on your lap/move around freely in the car.  If you love your child you will strap him/her in.  My first thought when seeing an unstrapped child in a car is –> you should be charged for negligence and put in jail.

15.  My safe little following distance is not an invitation for you to shove your big ass car right in front of me.  If I wanted to give you a gap it would be clearly visible.

16.  If someone clearly gives you a gap/helps you out of a jam/ moves slightly over the yellow line to let you pass more easily thank them.  You’d be surprise what a difference it makes.

17.  Do not even get me started on a set of rules for SA minibus taxi drivers.  I’ll be busy for the rest of my life and STILL not finish.

So my lovelies, there you have it.  Ruby’s list of helpful tips for South African drivers.  Please feel free to add any others you can think of:)



Dear readers

So i haven’t done of these in a little while:)  It works like this….i start a couple of random sentences and then complete them on my blog, then you complete the same sentences in the comment section of this here blog:)

Today…..I am feeling a little bit sad as my brother and sister in law will be flying back to the states tonight.  Reality hit this morning when i realised it is the last time I’d be saying ‘good morning’ to him in person for probably another 2 years or so.

I am…..feeling slightly stressed about this whole finding a job before the end of February thing….it’s nerve wrecking, i won’t lie.

There are times….when i think that maybe i am TOO understanding of people’s situations and TOO logical.  Maybe people take advantage of me and walk all over me without realising it because i tend to be the person who will more than likely completely understand why you did something and will therefore NOT throw a temper tantrum about it, accept it and move on.  Maybe i need to stand up for myself a little bit more.

I’ve realised.…..that what i want is not necessarily always what is best for me.

The cutest thing…..I’ve heard in a long time is a snippet of conversation between my brother and my sister in law last night.  We went to Moyo to early celebrate my brother’s birthday.  The Americans loved it and we let them have the whole African experience with the hand washing and the painting of the faces.  Now bear in mind…my sister in law is a full blooded American, but has slowly but surely been teaching herself Afrikaans for the sake of my brother.  So after the lady with the paint finished the cute little flower on my sister in laws face my brother goes: ‘jy lyk mooi’.  She smiled sweetly and answered in the most adorable accent: ‘dankie liefie, jy lyk ook mooi’. My brother then replied with: ‘is dit as gevolg van die paintjob?’.  She grinned and blurted out a quick ‘yup’ before they both collapsed in giggles.  It was just really cute and sweet to watch and hear and totally made me smile:)

Now my lovelies…go be nice and play along:)


Dear Claudz

So madam, you tagged me in you ‘i love you blog’ post.  The only decent thing to do is to comply and to address this here little letter to you:) So here goes nothing….

1. Why did you create your blog?
I used to have a blog on myspace…..ages and ages ago when i first moved to Jozi.  The blog was however discovered by people who didn’t like what i was writing and to keep the peace my little blog was abandoned.  However, my love of writing wouldn’t hide and after a view brief months of not blogging i finally started Ruby Letters.  It’s therapy for me, it gives me a voice:)

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I read mostly life blogs.  And then there are a couple of people who blog about other things like fashion and awesome furniture ideas and funky Friday quotes which i enjoy:)

3. Favourite make-up brands
I have a very sensitive skin and don’t wear much make up.  Mascara wise i only ever wear Maybeline as it doesn’t irritate my eyes.  Make up wise i flutter between Annique and Mac.

4. Favourite clothing brands
hmmm….I’m not a big fan of branded clothing.  I guess the only 2 brands i really buy would be Sissy Boy and Levi.  And the levis i ONLY buy when my brother comes to visit from the states and it’s cheap.  I have to confess that I own a Polo dress…but it was bought for a function.  My absolute favourite clothing shop is YDE…no contest!

5. Your indispensable make-up product?
Erm….i don’t have one *shakes head*

6. Your favourite colour
I love black…then again..that’s not really a colour:/  Olive green, orange and red wine red:)

7. Your perfume?
I have 3 that i love.  My most favourite is Lacoste Touch of Pink…also love Black XS by Poco Rabonne and Guilty by Gucci.

8. Your favourite film?
So difficult:( I’ll just list a couple i think:
 – my life as a house
 – a beautiful mind
 – forest gump
 – Amalie
 – Spanglish
 – Moulin Rouge
 – Chicago
 – Save the last dance
Actually….most dance movies is an instant hit in my books:)

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
ooooh….so many! Germany, Spain, France, Iceland…….etc

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself: What is the answer to life?

42, without a doubt!


Dear Readers

So it’s time for one of my favourite regular blog entries:)  I’ll finish a couple of sentences and then you can finish them in my comments section.

I learned…..that there are instances in life when you experience such infinite happiness that your heart becomes so full it feels as if it might burst!

There comes a time….in life, relationships, friendships, work and all other segments of our lives when you need to realize you’re flogging a dead horse. 

Choosing to stop…….. does not always constitute quitting.

Spending time with friends…….is good therapy.

Courage….is a choice.


And off you go my lovelies…now you go and complete the sentences:)


P.S.  Don’t forget about my pet project….keep sending me those secrets!

Dear Matrics of 2000

So the big day finally arrived on Saturday…our 10 year reunion.  The weeks building up to this event have been filled with excitement, annoyance, stress and eagerness for me and JG who were organizing the event.  At first everyone was keen to attend, in fact they were mumbling and grumbling because up until the point of us organizing something nobody had even attempted to organize a reunion.

Then, as the RSVP deadline loomed closer everybody went dead quiet.  I had to send about a million reminders.  Then of course there were the people who only RSVP’d after the deadline, the ones who begged and pleaded with me to come even though they can only pay at a date after the actual reunion.  Eventually I agreed to let the one girl and her date come even though she wouldn’t be able to pay before the 19th.  I would live to regret this decision.  The budget was carefully planned for the people who were coming, we didn’t have any spare money, but there was enough for everyone.  Then this girl who didn’t pay didn’t pitch and now she’s refusing to pay…even though i already spent the money on them.  To say i was extremely ticked off would be an understatement.

Anyway, back to the more pleasant memories of the weekend.  Not many people attended, but the ones that did really wanted to be there.  We had so much fun, catching up, talking nonsense, laughing a mile a minute and sharing good food.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that people do eventually grow up and change for the better and find that place where they are supposed to be.  Seeing this in my old school friends really made me smile.  It was a happy moment and a happy realisation.

My one friend brought her little girl along..she was too gorgeous and stole every body’s hearts…including mine.  She spent the largest part of the evening with me, playing games, eating with me and just sitting on my lap.  If i ever have children i hope they are as chilled and easy going as that little girl!

Thank you for a wonderful day and a fun filled reunion…it was awesome to catch up with everyone.


P.S. I’ve attached a couple of random snapshots…sadly i didn’t get pics of everyone who attended and obviously i couldn’t post all the pics here….but here are a couple:)

P.P.S. Don’t forget about my secret pet project! please remember to keep sending me your secrets!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, I present your entertainment for the evening:P Not really, but AH was definitely having a good night:)
Seriously…how adorable is this child??? This is not her dad BTW…it’s JG, the old head boy
That would be me, paying attention to something that somebody was saying….or maybe just wondering what the hell they were on about.
*Snort* no comment!
These are the parents of the gorgeous little girl with number 2 on the way….i think he was trying to talk to his future son after having one too many
JG and his gorgeous wife:)
Mommy to be and our very own National angler…..yup, a girl that loves fishing..she actually has springbok colours.
My good friend Joe:) One of the few people i still have a lot of contact with.
Our resident trouble maker who seems to have calmed down quite a bit since becoming a daddy
She was pulling a face at the camera…so adorable:)
Joe and I….total posers
Mommmeeeee, I’m tired i wanna go hooooooome!