On Saturday evening, on my way home from the Clifton Shores launch at Movida, I was pulled over in a roadblock…..exactly 1 block from my house.  As I knew I was driving I had been epically responsible with regards to my drinking, but the situation was stressful none the less.  I was subjected to a breathalyzer test for the first time in my entire life.  It’s scary, regardless of whether you had been drinking or not.  I “scored” a proud 0.00, but that’s not the point of this letter.

I’d like to compliment the officers who were part of that night’s roadblock.  They were extremely friendly, professional and calm.  They explained the process to me and even cracked a few jokes while I was waiting.  I was escourted back to my car by an officer as he was wearing a reflective vest and my car was on the other side of the road.  Kudos also to the two officers who handled a rather explosive and crappy situation very well.  Two other ladies had been pulled over and were quite obviously VERY drunk…their breathalyzer tests proved this…they were far over the limit.  They refused however to go quietly.  They were screaming and swearing at the poor officers who were really only doing their job…and I have to say that the fact that they remained absolutely calm and professional throughout was good to see.  There are still good cops out there.

It breaks my heart when all I hear about the force are negative things.  But what annoys me more are the people who complain most about the corrupt police officers and how corrupt our government is, are the same people who tell stories about bribing police officers to get out of fines and being arrested for drunk driving.  I’m sorry…if you partake in bribing to get yourself out of trouble when you actually rightfully deserve that trouble…then you are part of the problem..and you are no less corrupt than the police officer you paid the bribe to.  So my opinion on this: If you pay bribes in order to “get off” you have NO RIGHT to have an opinion on corruption in this country, for you are no better.

So here’s a high 5 to the awesome officers that manned the road block on saturday evening…you guys rocked!



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