Dear readers

Sooooo, I haven’t written you guys a letter in quite some time.  And as bad as I feel about neglecting you guys I’m not about to apologize:P It’s been a hectic 2 weeks.  The first week I spent trying to get all my affairs into gear and the second marked my first week in my new job as forensic investigator….*does excited little happy dance*.

SO I’ve decided to start off my new blogging streak with a dear readers know, the little game I play where i start a sentence and then you get to finish it the comments section of the blog…play nice:)

I discovered….. That I really really love my new job:) it makes me feel alive and happy and passionate.

I do not….. in any way feel guilty bout building a case against someone who cheats and steals and embezzles for a living.  I look forward to knowing that I helped with something like that.

Spider……. bites are not ideal:/  2 in a week, even more so.  The left side of my face is currently completely swollen and I can barely see out of my left eye thanx to one of those scary, monster like, 8 legged freaks I’m so incredibly petrified of.

Friends….can be made over a glass of wine if you’re willing to take the risk of getting to know them.

That being said…. making friends with strangers….. can result in a situation you really don’t want (thank goodness I managed to dodge that bullet)

Eating….. the same breakfast every single day can get a bit boring…regardless of how elaborate and luxurious that breakfast may be.

The things…… I’ve missed the most in the last week has been my best friend and my house.

I love…my mac:)

Bad things….. happen to good people too:/

Not having access to internet….. can result in a big gap in information.  I only learned about the earthquake and the tsunami late on the evening it happened…as I only had access to internet after i got home from dinner.

OK my lovelies…off you go.  Your turn:)



Dear Readers

So here’s how this little game goes:  I start and finish a couple of sentences, then you finish the same sentences in the comments section:)  It’s really quick and quite a bit of fun…

I am…..

………rather stressed about this whole job situation.  I’ve been trying really hard to NOT stress and to remain positive and I’ve mostly been pretty succesful, but the reality does hit me quite hard every now and again….I’m not good with not being in control of things this important.

The future…

…………..although slightly uncertain at the moment is looking very bright.  Full of new challenges and experiences and I’m VERY excited about this.


……… your own choice, i know and believe this.  BUT a large part of my choice of happiness is entangled with the happiness of the people closest to me.  I really do want them to be happy and comforted and excited about life.  This makes me happy.

Lazy Saturdays and Sundays……

…………are sometimes the only medicine you need

Throwing your toys out the cot…..

…………….is generally not acceptable.  But I will concede that sometimes it is needed and probably the ONLY way you will receive the desired result.

My life….

……………….is an interesting mashup of people and things and emotions and experiences and uncertainties at the moment….i love it!

Right my lovelies…now it’s your turn:) And GO!