Dear HQ Sandton

I would just like to pop you a quick note to say thank you for hosting my party on Saturday:) Throughout the process I was assisted by competent and friendly individuals (specifically Riaan and Bruce) and their advice and help was highly appreciated.

The food, as always was divine and my only complaint involves one of your staff members breaking the stiletto shoe on my cake *sulks*. Other than that I am one happy and satisfied little customer.

I’ve included a few snapshots of the night…I have so many pictures, but sadly I can’t put ALL of them here.  I’ve included only a few with some of my friendsters.  Thanx again!




Dear Acquaintance

Some times it makes me sad to have to admit that people I used to call friends have now become mere acquaintances, if that.  These are people I cared about, helped and believed to care about me.  It’s a sad day when you have to admit that you were mistaken…that they were not your friends afterall…they never really cared.  Even though in your case I’ve been at this point before, this week I had to finally accept that you were never a friend.  You’ve been an emotional parasite, an emotional and psychological abuser and now you are no longer part of my life.

I’m tired of being called all kinds of names when the opinion you asked me to give is not what you wanted to hear.  I’m tired of being insulted and called names because I refuse to engage in an argument with you.  I’m tired of you discussing me behind my back and calling me names.  I’m tired of caring about you and having that thrown back in my face.

I’d like to say that when I did consider you a friend the relationship was good…but the sad part is…it never was.  It was always fundamentally flawed…I just didn’t realise it.  Am I innocent in all of this.  No.  I’ve had my fair share of flinging insults at times.  But I’m over the hurt…I can’t do it any more.Your latest tirade was unnecessary and extremely hurtful and brought me to this decision.  It’s done, it’s over…no more.

I hope you manage to sort through your issues.  I hope you find happiness. I hope you have friends that can help you though this…but I’m sorry, it’s not going to be me, 7 years is quite enough.





Dear number 122

So tonight is the last night I’ll ever sleep here.  It feels weird being here with it looking nothing like a place I would live in.  All the boxes stacked in the lounge…the only thing left untouched is my bed…so that I can sleep in it tonight.

Tonight I am overwhelmed by excitement, stress, happiness, sadness and a general feeling of…well…overwhelmedness (if I can put it like that).  I’m very excited about the new house.  I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it and I’m definitely looking forward to having a dedicated office rather than having 40 lever arch files in my lounge.  I’ll also have a little garden and a porch and a nice big kitchen and the living area is big enough that I’ll be able to get that much wanted dining room table.  I’m stressed because…well..moving is stressful no matter how you look at it.  And having packers doing everything this time round was even more stressful, as I had no control over what was happening.  Hiring a company to do everything was the best and the worst decision I ever made:P

But lying in my bed typing this I also feel a great sadness.  This little house of mine holds so many amazing memories…and I’m almost scared I’m going to lose them because I will no longer be here.  Now I know that’s absolutely ridiculous on the face of it…but I think it’s a very human reaction actually.  I’ve learned so many things…experienced so many more things..and i’ve grown so much while living here that there is a little irrational part of me that’s sad because I think I might lose it.

But most of all I think I just feel overwhelmed in general….for a million different reasons which I’m finding hard to explain in words.

Thank you, 122, for some awesome memories. For being here to witness the last 2 years, for being a really awesome home.  Be assured that if it wasn’t for the fact that I desperately need a dedicated study/office I would definitely not be moving.


Dear life

Wow! Just Wow…and NOT in a good way.  Last week you did your utmost best to make my life an absolute misery…the really sad part was that the week was a really short one.

While technically the week started off well as I spent Monday and most of Tuesday in my home town visiting the parentals, the rest of the week did not have quite the same vibe.  On Tuesday night, shortly after returning to Jozi, The Italian and I broke up.  Now I realise most of you don’t even know about The Italian…this was done mostly on purpose…but just as he was starting to weave his way into my social media life it all came to an end.  I suppose as far as breakups go it wasn’t that bad.  We had a long talk and parted ways very amicably….for this I’m grateful.  Breakups can be so messy and horrible…I suppose I’m kind of lucky.  Anyway…despite the fact that we parted ways amicably, breakups still suck.  I don’t easily let people in…and the fact that someone I trusted enough to let in was just no longer there is not only painful, but also slightly depressive.

So anyway…my week was NOT going well and then of course YOU had to make it worse.  On Friday morning, shortly after having seen my chiropractor and getting awesome feedback from him, some idiot in a BERCO express delivery van (with bullbars) decided NOT to stop at the red traffic light.  The same light where a whole bunch of other cars had already stopped and had been waiting for the light to change for some time. Needless to say he smashed into the back of my car pretty hard….there goes all the progress I’ve made with my chiropractor.  But worse than that…my poor 4 month old car:( I’m still heartsore when I think about it.

Look, in all honesty the actual damage isn’t that bad. But I still have to go through all the admin of an insurance claim and I’ll still have to drive around in a stupid rental while my baby gets fixed.  I’m not impressed.

So right now the scoring is as follows: Life 2 Ruby 0.  Now you might have won this particular battle, but I can assure you that you will NOT win this war.  Prepare to kiss my ass.


Dear Bosslady

So, today marks the one year anniversary of becoming self-employed. Yay me!  It has not been easy and at times it has been down right stressful.  But I have to tell you that not for one single second in the last year did I regret my decision.  It has been an amazing learning curve, not only with regards to my trade, but also with regards to myself, my friends, my faith and life in general.

So here’s to stepping out, to being brave and to doing my own thing.  Happy anniversary to me:)

Dear license renewal people

On Monday morning I decided to embark on an adventure.  I had to renew my driver’s license.  Fun right? So after I spent the morning sleeping through 3 alarms, setting off my house alarm, knocking my shoulder alarmingly hard against a door frame and launching a mad search for my ID book which suddenly decided to disappear I finally ventured to your offices.

Your staff was less than friendly from the get go.  No clear directions on where you are supposed to go or who you are supposed to speak to could be found.  After pulling a ditzy blonde move some other victims of the system indicated where I had to go wait in line.  It was a LOOOOONG line.  I was quite happy to stand and wait my turn…but then I was instructed to “SIT DOWN!!!” rather loudly.  I gave the filthy, sweat and germ infested fabric coated chairs a swift once over and politely declined, stating that I’d rather stand.  A rather intense tongue lashing quickly changed my mind and I found myself balancing right on the edge of the chair, trying my best not to actually touch anything with my bare skin and cursing myself for wearing a short little dress.

But this was only the start.  It was HOT and there was not a fan or an aircon in sight.  I feel for the staff…I really do…it can’t be easy having to work in those conditions..but trust me..they sure as hell made sure we understood what an absolute pain it was for them to work there O_o.  After not moving at all for what seemed like an eternity, the line finally started moving.  This meant more filthy chairs, more balancing acts and, in an attempt not to be bored to death, chatting with the people sitting around me.  I was then shouted at for talking to much by one of the people working there…REALLY??

When it was nearly my turn for eye tests etc. I had the unique opportunity to tweet the following:
(Arch being catch of course) Yeah that was pleasant…NOT.  I had absolutely no idea how to react.  Do I ask him what the hell he’s doing? Do I shout and throw a little tantrum and risk getting shouted at again? Do I make a joke about it?  I just didn’t know how to deal with it…but was luckily saved from having to deal with said neighbour for much longer when it was my turn.

I smiled all friendly like, said “Hi” and started asking the guy behind the table a question.  Right in the middle of my question he started talking.  Then proceeded to shout at me saying: “Stop talking when I’m talking!!!”.  Excuse me??? I was talking FIRST! I think you could literally HEAR my jaw dropping when he followed that up with a “Now be quiet!”.  Really? Firstly…you interrupted me and then you shout at me??? What the hell?  I could have sworn I had walked into a parallel universe when I entered that building.

So I promptly snapped my mouth shut and listened to his instructions very carefully.  Pull the little lever in the direction of the solid line.  That shouldn’t be too hard right? Except that he informed me I needed glasses and failed the eyetest completely.  It was at this point I finally snapped, figured out he explained the procedure to me incorrectly and then told him in no uncertain terms that he better allow me to do the eye test AGAIN or I would make the rest of his human life a complete and utter misery.  I was allowed to retake the test…my eyesight, as 5 years ago, is perfect.

I was then sent to a new line in order to pay…oh joy! another line of dirty, sweaty, germy, fabric covered seats….at this point in time I was tired of being surrounded by freaks taking pictures of my feet, the heat and being shouted at…I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The payment line went smoothly and quickly except for one incident where the girl working in front stepped out to shout at EVERYONE waiting in line telling us that we’re useless because ONE guy didn’t have his R300 ready and waiting when he got to the front.  He had to actually take it out of his wallet… SCANDAL!

So guys…please…train your staff…send them on a people skill course…clean your waiting area….allow people to stand if they so choose and for goodness sake install some aircons or fans in that place!


Dear America

Ball drop

In 2 months EXACTLY we will be preparing to take off on our super fun “new year’s in New York” holiday.  I CAN’T wait:)  2 months exactly today:)  This time round I’ll be able to watch this here ball drop for realz! Partying in the new year in style in Time’s square…these are the things dreams are made of:)

I’ll be walking these streets once again:

Central Park

Madison ave

Drinking good and proper Starbucks and it will taste even better because I’m in America


And I’ll be seeing these sights again, and also plenty plenty more that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the last time:

Rockefellar centre

Lady Liberty



And I get to shop at Macy’s #FTW


Last time I was fortunate enough to experience all of this with my family.  This year I get to celebrate the new year and see and experience all of this with my best friend.  Life is pretty awesome and I certainly hope that the next 2 months will fly by:)