A little something on how life gets in the way

My dearest readers, once again I find myself in a position where I look at my poor little blog and realise just how badly I’ve abandoned it of late.  I somehow feel like a bit of a bad mother, life I’ve forsaken my only child or something.  But here’s the thing….luckily a blog is not a child and even though I feel terrible for being so quiet on here, I know the reasons for my silence better than anyone.

You see, so far this year has been amazing and horrible and hard and exciting all rolled into one. And being faced with all of this has made it hard for me to formulate my thoughts into words and more than that…some of what I’ve experienced I didn’t want to share…it was mine to deal with, mine to struggle with, mine to enjoy and mine to share when I was ready to do so.

So without going into too much detail, here are the facts:

  • I met a guy…..a pretty awesome one in fact
  • I was unemployed for nearly 6 months (a very very stressful time for me)
  • I was grateful for my uncanny ability to stow away money for rainy days….I survived 6 months and still have some left
  • I visited my bro in the States for 2 weeks earlier this year and met my dearest Baby B (who is no longer a baby) in real life for the first time and fell completely in love with him
  • I spend more and more time on Skype missing my family and especially my nephew
  • I was given an amazing opportunity with an amazing company as an external consultant (so I’m still my own boss)
  • I spent 3 months out in the middle of nowhere South Africa catching bad guys and only returning home for a couple of hours a week
  • I realised how spoiled we are in Jozi with the amazing signal……middle of nowhere SA has very little signal
  • The future is looking rosy again
  • My circle of friends shrunk and I realised who my true friends were
  • When my best friend is struggling with things, I struggle….I can’t help it….I wish I could make it better
  • I’m finally back in Jozi (for the time being anyway

You see…life does this silly little thing of getting in the way and we become so busy that we no longer have time for the things we enjoy doing.  I love writing and pouring my heart out here on my little blog…but sometimes it’s just not possible to do this.  But here I am…back (for now) and ready to once again fill your life with useless information:P

So for now…let me fill your life with some beauty, courtesy of #MiddleOfNowhereSA and the Americas

Frozen river with a railway bridge......most amazing thing i've seen in a while
Frozen river with a railway bridge……most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while
Mirror mirror
Mirror mirror
More America Gorgeousness! I LOVE snow
More America Gorgeousness! I LOVE snow
Now this....this is Africa...courtesy of #MiddleOfNowhereSA
Now this….this is Africa…courtesy of #MiddleOfNowhereSA



4 thoughts on “A little something on how life gets in the way

  1. Love the pics. Glad things are looking rosy – the rosier, the better! Sorry your best friend is having a shit time and good luck surviving yet another trip to the Middle of Nowhere!
    Isn’t it amazing how small people – at least our own (as in own offspring or nephews and nieces) – have this uncanny knack for stealing our steely, cold hearts, despite us? (Speaking only from my own point of view, of course – I wouldn’t dream of calling you cold hearted!)

    Looking forward to another post soon, life permitting… 🙂

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