Who wants a mini Ruby care package 2?

So as you guys saw in the previous little giveaway, TomTom has launched a little campaign. They’re sending me the cutest little gifts and clues relating to POI (Points of Interest) on their TomTom devices. I’ve decided to turn this into a series of mini competitions on my blog:) So here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to post a picture of the little gift. If you want to win a mini Ruby care package, you have to guess what the point of interest is and leave a comment with your guess. If there are no correct guesses by Sunday 09 November 2012 I’ll give you guys a clue. If there is only one correct guess that person obviously wins the package. If there are a few correct guesses I will literally throw all the names in a hat and draw a winner:) So here is your first clue:


Those are measuring spoons, in case you can’t see:) This is a tricky one…so let your mind wander and tell me where you think your TomTom will take you:)

The competition closes Tuesday 11 December 2012) at 17:00.


HINT:  So since no one managed to figure out the picture clue…here’s a dead giveaway hint for y’all: What is the origin of the popular Master Chef Reality Series?


The winner is: Andre! Whooop! Congrats dudy!

*This competition was not launched by TomTom or their PR company, and as such they can not be held liable in any way.


10 thoughts on “Who wants a mini Ruby care package 2?

  1. MasterChef is a television cooking game show franchise created by Franc Roddam, which originated with the UK version of the show in 1990

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