Dear Secret Santa

So this year I decided to take part in the blogger Secret Santa initiated by @thestilettoMum and I promise that I deserve a really lovely Christmas gift because I’ve been insanely good and it’s been a rather tough year…everyone deserves a pick me up:)  I’ve attached a list of guidelines to help you find the perfect Ruby friendly gift:)

  • I ❤ blades….knives, swords, short swords…they make me happy:)
  • My current colour obsessions involve turquoise, french carnival blue, mint and white.
  • I adore candles (as long as they aren’t flowery scented…that gives me headaches)
  • I’m a bit of a stationery whore O_o
  • Big big fan of red wine and coffee
  • Nail polish is always a big favourite:) I have a wide variety of colours and I change colours almost as often as I change clothes:)
  • Shoes and handbags = Achilles heel
  • I have a soft spot for unique clocks..I own quite a few of these already
  • I’m obsessed with strange and unique necklaces and bracelets

Well, I hope this helps you in your Secret Santa Shopping Quest:)





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