Dear Readers

You guys remember how this works right?  I start and finish a few sentences……you then complete the same sentences in the comments section:)

Apologies……. should always be acknowledged.  Whether they are accepted or not is irrelevant.
Sometimes…..not even peanut butter straight from the jar can soothe my troubles away.
A night out….when you are least in the mood for it is sometimes exactly what you need:)
Friends…..come in all shapes and forms and the real ones are life savers.
Talking….about something that bothers you doesn’t always make it better.
I hate...that double standards seems to be the way most people choose to live.
Worrying…about loved ones can make you physically ill.
Laughing…is truly the best medicine.
Stress…should be illegal.
Love…who you are, if you don’t…change it.
A hug…can cure a lot of things
Life….is not always unicorns, rainbows and roses.  But it’s how you choose to deal with the thorns that shows your real character.

Now it’s your turn:)


One thought on “Dear Readers

  1. Apologies……. hurt more when they aren’t meant
    Sometimes…..I wish I had the courage to pack it up and be waitress at a bar in Thailand
    A night out….is so much fun but it feels like we just never do it anymore
    Friends…..will reveal their true colours. And when they do, don’t let them go
    Talking….and having a set plan, spoken out loud, helps.
    I hate…that money weighs over me so heavily
    Worrying…doesn’t keep me up at night. I have vodka for that
    Laughing…with someone who laughs louder is fun!
    Stress…gets worse this time of the year
    Love…an animal. They truly love unconditionally
    A hug…a day keeps the blues away
    Life….is too short to save the candles for a special occassion. Drink the good wine now, eat the fancy chocolate tonight.

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