I suspect I may need to change the batteries of this here alarm clock…it was fine this morning, so it must have stopped during the course of the day.  But that’s not the reason for posting this picture today.  I have a thing for clocks.  I never realised I did until very recently.  As I was unpacking all my stuff in my new home I noticed how many clocks and watches I have in general.  They are EVERYWHERE, and I love that they are.  This one specifically stands next to my bed.  I have a beautiful hand-made clock that my Chamber made for me for my 21st birthday with wood and steel. And a whole bunch of other ones.  My gran had a beautiful pendulum clock in her home that has been in the family for many many years.  As my brother is the only grandson, my grandmother wished for my brother to have it, it is however a bit of a logistical nightmare, as he lives in the States.  So for the time being my parents have it.  I’m hoping I can convince him to, until such a time as they either move to South Africa, or manage to take it across to the States somehow, let it hang in my house.  I’m not sure what it is that attract me to them and I know many guests have complained about the loud ticking sound in my house…but there is just something about them that appeal to me.

Tick Tock

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