Dear flirty thirties a.k.a. #1of365

Sooo…I was hoping to get this post out on 07/07/2012…but I only got home at midnight…which means I missed the cutoff….I’m pretty sure I’ll be forgiven though:) So today marks the day I wave good-bye to the 20’s and say hello to (the so-called awesome) 30’s. I’ve had mixed reactions from friends. Most want to know if I’m experiencing the same semi depressive symptoms they had. The honest truth is….NO. I’ve had no depressive thoughts, nor have I been haunted by thoughts of suddenly getting old.

Sure, I’ve just turned 30. Does this bother me? not in the least. Today I looked back on my life and I realised just how much I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come. My 20’s have been good to me, to be honest. I finished varsity, I qualified as a CA, I learned to deal with pathetic people, i found amazing people, I found a place in the world where work is concerned that I truly adore and I’ve learned to love myself…with all my little quirks and all. I may not be perfect….but after everything I’m all that I’ve got…and i’ve learned to appreciate myself.

Tonight as I sat at my party and looked at the people I call “close” friends..all I could do was smile. It makes me so happy to see my closest friend in the world share his life and his dreams with someone who can make him smile without even trying, to laugh about long forgotten memories with another, to share a smile with a friend that I’ve shared so much pain with that all that is left for us is happiness. These are the people who after 30 years of earth dwelling I call my friends and this makes me happy.

As many of you know I’ve been toying with the idea of a #365 days to mark my year of being 30. And after much deliberation I’ve decided to record this process on my blog.

#1of365 is a rather curious picture. For most of you this must look like just another picture of an Opel badge…..however, this specific little Opel badge has a story. 7 and a half years ago my life change completely in so many different ways due to a rather horrendous car accident. This evening…on my 30th birthday a very good friend of mine presented me with this rather bruised and broken little Opel badge……you see…the day after my accident and while I was being operated upon my friends went to the scene of the accident and this specific friend found my poor unrecognizable car’s badge lying among other pieces of wreckage. He’s kept it all these years and presented it to me this evening. You might think this a strange gesture…but today this little badge presents everything I’ve overcome. Every battle I’ve thought and the person I’ve become. It present the person I am today….so much better of a person than I was 7 and a half years ago, in my opinion. But not only that… celebrates the fact that I am even here today to share this memorable birthday at all.

Happy birthday to me:)



4 thoughts on “Dear flirty thirties a.k.a. #1of365

  1. Turning 30 for me was a bit of “oh am I that adult-type-thing now?” Honestly I don’t feel like I’m old or older although being called “tannie” by friend’s children is confirming this for me far more often than I’m comfortable with.

    You’ve achieved a lot in 30 years Miss Ruby. You really should be proud of yourself.

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