My dearest baby cousin

Happy birthday baby cuz!! Although I suppose at 15 you are no longer a baby.  You are however the youngest of many and therefore you shall remain the baby cousin for eternity:)  it’s an affectionate reference, so I don’ expect you to become difficult about it:)

I can’t believe you’re 15 already! How on earth did that happen? You were no more than a small child when I moved to Jozi and suddenly here you are, a proper teenager busy turning into a beautiful young woman before our eyes.  Please don’t ever lose yourself in the world around you.  You are beautiful and pure, affectionate and compassionate and your face is always ready to bestow that lovely smile of yours on all and sundry.

I hope you have the most amazing year ahead and that you are properly spoiled today.  My the years be filled with love and happiness and may God bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

Much love




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