Dear World

I hope you are ready for me! I have a degree and I’m NOT afraid to use it.  See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

So thursday it was finally my big day…graduation day!! It was met with much excitement as it was the celebration of something I’ve worked incredibly hard for : My Master’s degree in Forensic Accounting.  It was my little moment of glory for 2 years of blood, sweat, tears, celebration and hard work.  And today, after starting my new job, I can truly say it was worth every little bit of effort I put into it.

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by one of my closest friends and my parentals met me at the venue to celebrate this achievement.  They proceeded to spend the weekend with me, which is always fun:)  The entire day was perfect! Having people I care for very much with me makes me very happy, and the celebration dinner we had after the fact only sealed the deal. (was a definite yummy in my tummy moment).

So if you would, allow me to celebrate just for a moment.  To enjoy an achievement, and then to show the world what i plan to accomplish in the future.  My dreams are beckoning, and while some of them seemed rather unreasonable not so long ago I can now safely say that they are well within my reach.  I’m excited about what the future holds and can’t wait to conquer the world around me.


P.S.  I’ve attached some pics of the day for your perusal:)

Now where did i get that degree??

With the Mommy Letters
With Daddy Letters


19 thoughts on “Dear World

  1. Congratulations Ruby-PI

    May you investigate many wicked crooks and one day end up being the Chairman of Uber Awesome.

  2. Congrats Rubles! We all knew you could, and would do it! Now go catch me some high profile fraudulent bastards!

    Also, help me with my accounting homework! 😛

  3. Congratulations to the best super hero ever. :o)
    All the best for what’s coming.

    PS: Now I have more reasons to come to you for advices. You rock.

  4. Congrats lady! It is always an inspiration to see someone complete something they started, especially if that something is education related. You are a big inspiration to many of us out there! Keep up your good work.

    1. Actually, the uhming and aahing is still going on. That’s for the topic of my Phd..and i’m tryin to decide if i should do the PhD or if i should rather do my LLB, as an LLB would be incredibly handy in my chosen field. No decision has been made yet i’m afraid:)

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