Dear old schoolfriend

*sigh* I have no words…really.  I’ve been increasingly annoyed with the fact that i had to organize the reunion…but today you managed to step on my very last nerve.  To give you some background…the official reunion invite contained (very clearly in fact) the date, the time, the venue, the costs involved.

Then today i get a call from you…..the conversation went as follows:

Old Schoolfriend(OS): Hey Ruby! How are you?
Ruby: Oh hi Old Schoolfriend…I’m all good thanks, how’s you?
OS: I’m good…looking forward to Saturday and stuff.
Ruby: Ja, me too…It’s going to be really cool to see everyone again.
OS: About the reunion, I’d just like to check one or two things with you.
Ruby: Oh sure, no problem.  What’s up? (Please note…here my courage fails me…I’ve had a whole range of stupid questions the last couple of weeks…i was expecting another)
OS:  I’ve got the invite open on the computer and I just wanted to know if any of the arrangements changed?
Ruby:  Nope, everything stays exactly the same where arrangements are concerned.  The only thing that changed is the food…but you don’t have to worry about it.
OS: OK cool…so I’m wondering…what time is the reunion?
Ruby: *thinks….WHAT THE HELL…you’re looking at the invite* Do you have the invite in front of you?
OS: Yes
Ruby: What does it say?
OS: It says it’s three o’clock
Ruby: so which part of ‘none of the arrangements have changed’ didn’t you understand?
OS: So what are you telling me…it’s not at 3?
Ruby: *sighing audibly* it’s at 3.

Now do you understand why I’m convinced all the stupid people in the world are ganging up on me this week?



6 thoughts on “Dear old schoolfriend

  1. Question, was you chat in English or in Afrikaans?J/JSeriously, one wonders how these people make it in life if they can't read an email. And somehow this was your entire Year?Astounding

  2. @maniac – YEs, it's shocking indeed *sigh*I've even had people sending me a mail asking when we're planning to have the reunion when the date of the reunion is actually in the subject line "10 year reunion 13 & 14 November 2010". I've given up on people…seriouslyOh, and yes, the conversation was in Afrikaans:)@Gina – you're allowed to laugh…it is quite funny:)

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