Dear readers

So it’s time for one of my favourite regular blog entries:)  I’ll finish a couple of sentences and then you can finish them in my comments section.

People….will believe what they want to believe and no matter what you say you won’t be able to convince them otherwise

It’s better to….sort issues out directly….hashing, rehashing and indirect methods are bound to end in bigger issues

Sometimes.…spending a Sunday morning in the sun having a picnic with people who make you laugh is worth offering up some study time.  I was way more productive afterwards anyway:)

Exercise… not always fun but it’s an amazing way to clear your head

Currently listening to…….The Inside…by Def Leppard

I’ve learned…….that being patient is the best way to deal with a lot of things

There are times….when all you need to soothe your soul is good company

Now off you go my lovelies.  Your turn:)


P.S. Don’t forget about my little pet project.  Please send me your secrets:)


5 thoughts on “Dear readers

  1. People…suckIt's better to…walk away sometimes than battle it outSometimes….I feel like going crazy n being wild n having lots of funExercise…is important and can be fun, but it's so damn hard to startCurrently listening to…80's pop & german rapI've learned…some of life's lessons the hard wayThere are times…when alcohol can be good medicine

  2. People: always leave.It's better to: love than to never know what love is.Sometimes: you just have to let go, no matter how hard it may seem.Exercise: is as good for the soul as it is for the body.Currently listening to: Prodigal by OneRepublic.I've learned: that people are never too old to reinvent themselves.There are times: when I truly wonder if I am on the right path.I quite like this post Ruby and I may do one too 😉

  3. People…are ruled by emotion, no matter how smart or sophisticated. Everyone needs to have someone to love and to be loved in return.Its better to…enjoy the good times rather than fret over every bump in the road. Looking back I know for sure the good far outweighs the bad :)Exercise…is currently an obsession for me. I have to lose weight for my wedding dammit.Currently listening to…a lot of mushy love songs etc trying to plot a playlist for the big dayI've learned…to let go. I have realised that holding grudges hurts me more than the person I am angry with.There are times…that I need to turn up the music, sing, smoke and drive a little faster than usual.

  4. People….make strange noises…especially in confined spaces, like officesIt's better to….each chocolate than leave it for the mouseSometimes….you need to get out of your comfort zoneExercise…..would be easier if I saw results faster!Currently listening to…….5fmI've learned…….that you put good out and it will come back (unless good is a stray cat)There are times….when a little wine in the middle of the day is not a bad thing

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