Dear residents of 119

Right…I get it.  You’re all young, you like to have fun and to party it up. So am I.  But there are limits.  You do NOT throw a huge ass party at your apartment in a complex on a MONDAY night that lasts until 5:30 in the morning.  You do NOT throw open all your doors and windows and make as much noise as you possibly can. 

You are selfish and rude and I’ve decided i don’t like you at all.  By 3am this morning i was close to tears.  I’m studying for one of the biggest exams I’ll ever write and last night i got hardly any sleep because of your party.  Now, if it had been a Friday or a Saturday night i would have been way more understanding…it’s weekend after all.

Please believe me when i say that if you decide to pull the same trick EVER again i will not think twice about calling the police, and as it is i shall be handing an official complaint to the body corporate.



2 thoughts on “Dear residents of 119

  1. Yeah…..oh well…i now have the cell nr of the head of our complex security, so i'll see how it goes. Let's hope it was a one time thing

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