Dear Readers

As per previous posts I’ve done, inspired by Being Brazen, I will answer a few random questions, then you will also answer them in my comments section.  I always have so much fun doing these, and you guys participate so nicely I figured they will now become a regular feature on this here blog:)

I wish…….I wouldn’t let you get to me and that the insults and stabs you take at me wouldn’t hurt, but they do
Work….should not be allowed to rule your life…I’m still struggling with this one and am a workaholic at the best of times, but I’m working on it
Friends…..are the most incredible gifts and are meant to be treasured and loved…I’m trying my best to make the people who are special to me feel that they are appreciated and cared for
I am…..right now…truly happy, some of the happiness is because of certain things and people, but  large part of it is just simply because i am
Grace and mercy….is something i show to the people around me easily, but i don’t have much grace and mercy for myself..this needs to be changed
I have….come to realize the value of good company, sometimes good food and always a good red wine.
Next year….brings with it a lot of uncertainty and much excitement

Now you answer them:)


P.S.  Picture courtesy of lolcats


5 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. I wish…I had brought more food to work today and really wish that I'd stop getting pimples, wtf is going on.Work…has been quite nice today, thank goodness, 1 day down, 25 to go.Friends…are few and far between at the moment, need more of them.I am…excited to go home tonight and relax and watch good TV shows I have recorded.Grace and mercy… eh? I have… just put my jacket on, whats up with the cold today, y-day was so nice.Next year…I'm going to celebrate carnival for the first time yay.

  2. I wish … the word wish didn't exist, otherwise I'd be a millionaire.Work … is minging. Career is cool!Friends … are Friends no more no less.I am … bloody tired.Gracy and mercy … don't even know what that is.I have … to finish my deck and garden.Next year … is very far away.

  3. I wish … I was taller/thinner/smarter/funnier. Pick one!Work … does not feature high on my To Do List todayFriends … are the family we pick for ourselfI am … learning that a broken heart does not mean a broken spiritGrace and mercy … are two virtues I have still not mastered. I'm too preoccupied with world domination 😛 I have … so much stuff going on in my head at the momentNext year … is approaching at a rate of knots

  4. LOVE the pic. So cute.I wish… I didn't have to do admin. Ever.Work… Always seems to take longer than I think it will.Friends… who are willing to fight for the friendship are worth their weight in gold.I am… 26 today!Grace and mercy… from above – that's how we get through life.I have… pretty pink slippers on :-)Next year… Is not that far away anymore. Eep!

  5. @Tamara…happy birthday my friend:) *big hugs* As i said on your blog…i'll call you later to give you a proper happy birthday:) In your case i think you're worth more than your weight in gold..

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