Dear Weekend

The next couple of days are going to be quite tough for me and I would appreciate it if you could extend yourself slightly and make the earth rotate slower so that i can in fact have more time all together.  See, here’s the thing.

At 2 o’clock today i need to leave my office in order to go the offices of my new, far away, client’s previous auditors.  I then need to rush through their previous year audit file in order to ensure that they did their job correctly.  Please note that we have been in communication with them for the past month and I’ve been given the run around and been avoided and ignored for most of those, and only managed to get the appointment for today because I finally lost my cool over the phone.  The 2 hours which they are allowing me to see the file isn’t nearly enough for the amount of work to be done…this is the first time I’ll need you to go by slower.

After this disastrous meeting at 2:30 I will hopefully head over to my new apartment *excitedness*, and collect my key.  Then I’ll be heading off to meet Philly_girl and G for dinner and Grease at Monte.  Then I’m heading home to finish packing for the big move tomorrow.  At the moment I’m of the opinion i probably won’t have even a minute of sleep this evening…as there is still plenty to be done before tomorrow morning at 8.

Tomorrow morning is the big MOVE….so much of excitedness 🙂  Hopefully I’ll be able to spend the afternoon unpacking some of my stuff, after which i shall head to Philly_girl for her birthday dinner..yayness!!! And for a change i won’t have to drive far as my new place is not too far away from her 🙂

Then on Sunday morning I need to pack for the week that I’ll be away for this new client, head off to the office to prepare the file for the away audit, and then at 1 I’ll be heading off to the beauty that is my hometown.  Where I will spend the week slaving away on an insane deadline, working on insane assignments that have to be in the following weekend and hopefully somewhere in between get to spend some time with the parentals.  The sad part is I won’t even have time to unpack or really enjoy my new home before having to leave for a week….the exciting part is that i will get to see my mommy and daddy, even though I’ll be very busy.

So please dear weekend…if it is at all possible…can you stretch yourself out a little bit and be kind to little old Ruby??



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