Dear Postsecret

I have been visiting your site religiously every week for the last 5 years.  I love looking at the postcards on your site.  Some of them break my heart, others make me feel like i wish i could reach out and touch someone, then there are those i can totally relate to, and finally the ones that just bring a huge ass smile to my face.

Ever since I’ve started visiting your site, I’ve also been saving some of my favourite ones onto my computer.  Recently i rediscovered some of the older ones and I decided to put some of them up here.  I love your site, and i think your initiative so many years ago was incredible.


P.S. 4 of these may as well have been written by me……have fun guessing which ones:)



6 thoughts on “Dear Postsecret

  1. 1. Dancing in the rain2. Put up walls care to knock them down3. Love you that's my secret4. always tell them you'll never know when they'll be gone

  2. Love your blogand I love PostSecret as well. 🙂 Found you through @JohnathanJThomp on Twitter, haha. I'm gonna' follow your blog and Twitter because of it. ;D

  3. @mhbotha – 3 out of 4…not bad;)@maniacmuerte – 2 out of 4…you still pass:P@fairy girl – That's one of my 4 also:)@jennifer – yay!!!!! welcome to my little kingdom:) I'm glad you enjoy it:) Post secret is THE awesome:)

  4. ok….so the 4 that apply to me….to be honest…it could have been any of the following 5:1. Dancing in the rain2. Put up walls waiting for the people who care to knock them down3. Always tell people, because you never know when they'll be gone4. The hug one5. I wish i could have had you before all those other girls screwed you up.

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