Dear future prince charming

I hope this letter finds you well and also well on your way to me *nudge nudge wink wink*. It’s just a little bit of guideline for that point in time when you finally do pitch up. I’m by no means perfect and like everybody else around me i have my good points, my strengths, my weaknesses and my issues. But I’d like to believe that I’m generally a good and caring person. Here are a couple things i’d like you to remember and take into consideration:

1. I’m a very affectionate person…I hope this won’t be a problem (PDA and stuff)
2. Dancing is my happy place:) I don’t expect you to love dancing, but it would help:)
3. I hate peas! Don’t try to make me eat them, don’t chew them in my ear so i can hear them
4. One of my best friends happen to be a boy person and i love him very much. Accept this
and deal with it…my friendship with him is not up for discussion.
5. I have an irrational fear of spiders. Please note….irrational. Don’t try and convince me that
they can’t hurt me, or that I weigh more than them, or that i’m like a million times bigger
than them…also, laughing at me when i freak out doesn’t help. Just be my knight in
shining armor….kill it, give me a hug and a kiss and move on.
6. Being a very affectionate person means i’m also affectionate with my friends, and i tend to
have little nicknames for everyone….extreme jealousy is better left at the door….slight, none
overbearing jealousy that you can fully control is sweet tho
7. I don’t believe in the silent treatment…issues need to be dealt with as and when they arise
8. I cry when i get really really angry…pls don’t think i’m trying to break down your defences
or black mail you when this happens.
9. Looks can be deceiving….i love camping…like serious pitch a tent and sleeping bag type stuff
10. My studies are important to me…not more important than you, but i am passionate about
what i do, and i’d appreciate it if you respected that.
11. I’m very close to my parents and my brother, and generally family means the world to me
12. My faith is an important part of who I am and i’m not willing to compromise it
13. I love cuddling and snuggling…i hope this is acceptable
14. Music forms an important part of my day to day life. It has a tremendous effect on my mood
and my day to day life. Important people and things in my life seem to be marked by songs
rather than anything else.
15. My heart is well guarded, and initially you might have trouble getting in……the walls around
it is quite high, but when i do fall in love i do so unconditionally and passionately.

My intention is not to scare you away or make you think twice, but the way i see it…..if you’re going to be part of my life there are certain things I might as well let you know before hand. If you can’t see yourself coping with them, then maybe you’re not my Prince Charming after all.

I can’t wait to meet you:)



5 thoughts on “Dear future prince charming

  1. @Angel – let's hope he does…it would help the situation if he sees all my oddeties and my blog stuff before hand:)

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