Dear Mister Bossman

Yes, I know i was late for work this morning, I also realise that you probably won’t believe me, but allow me the opportunity to at least try and explain to you why i was late.

This morning on my way to work I was pulled over by a police officer. I very HOT police officer. I was all ready with my license and an argument cause i KNEW i hadn’t done anything wrong. Anyway, so he walked up to my window, told me to put away my license and asked if he could have my telephone number.

Yes, i realise you’re probably thinking…’WTF‘, and i won’t lie, that’s pretty much what was running through my mind at the time. I, of course, refused, which led to him standing by my window for 10mins trying to convince me to give him my number.

Finally, after 10mins, he allowed me to leave and carry on my merry way towards work. Now, i realise that this story sounds weird and odd and completely untrue, but think about it this way…..if i wanted to lie about it, don’t you think i would have come up with something slightly more believable? I mean, this is too ridiculous not to be the truth. Also, we’re both aware of the fact that I’m a terrible liar:)




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