Dear Ruby

So, thanks to inspiration from Sleepyjane, I’ve decided to write this letter. You my dear ruby are in desperate need of a good talking to, and i plan to give it to you, without any sugar coating this time. So listen up!

1. Yes, you acted like a complete idiot. Shit happens, so get over it OK? You’ve been blessed with a mouth and fingers that blurt out whatever is on your mind before you have the chance to think about it and realise it’s a bad idea. You should be used to it by now…..accept it and embrace it…it’s part of your charm:P

2. Stop being so hard on yourself. You tend to be overly forgiving when it comes to other people, but ride yourself into the ground over even the slightest misstep from your side. You are not perfect, and therefore you can not always do the right thing. Admit the mistake and move on.

3. Your slaves are idiots….Stop being so disappointed and surprised whenever they make a mess of things. This has become the norm rather than the exception and is not a reflection on you. Your boss knows this.

4. Pepper spray is meant for criminals. Not for self mutilation. Once can be excused….twice just makes you a chop!

5. You need to start eating like a normal human being. It is not acceptable to not eat for 48 hours…regardless of whether you’re hungry or not. Eat at least twice a day from now on.

6. You need to stop complaining so much. You are blessed with a life that mostly resembles a fairy tale…you need to remember this more often.

7. Working and studying full time is tough. You can not have the same social schedule you had before. You’re going to need to scale down and be more picky about where you go, who you go with and what you do. Try and choose your social events in such a way that you get to see the maximum amount of people…and if there are people who refuse to understand that you can not just leave everything to see them the way you used to, well, then maybe they are not worth leaving everything to go and see to begin with. True friends will have sympathy for your situation, they will also be aware of the fact that if it was an emergency, no amount of work would ever be able to keep you away.

8. And last but certainly not least. It might be advisable to get at least 2 hours of sleep each night. Now i realise it’s not your fault you have insomnia, and that currently your insomniac ways is probably a blessing…but you can only go on for so long with no sleep…it’s going to get you eventually…honest!




13 thoughts on “Dear Ruby

  1. hahaha love it!Am battling with the work, study and social life thing too at the moment! I am also having to now be more selective! Is tough!The eating and sleeping thing really arent optional – those are both life threatening things!(HUGS)

  2. I can so identify with the eating and sleeping thing! I have to force myself to do both but like Laura said they are a case of survival – a necessary evil.

  3. Sleepyjane…yeah, i guess that's why i keep copying you:PLaura – yeah, unfortunately sleeping and eating are not my strong points…but i do try, i promise!Angel – yeah, is a good idea…i need it quite often actuallynick – I wish i could take credit for it but i can't. Got it from a friend, thought it was fantastic and very applicable to my blog:)Sally – thanx for the comment:) yeah, unfortunately it has to be done hey

  4. hello love!!! my word! haven't had contact with you in like forever!!!!! hows you? haha…ja, i've been chewed out about it already:D

  5. I know! Far too long! Atrocious. I finally have time on my side to do such thing as read people's thoughts & goings-ons! I am good. Unemployed in Melbourne. I should change my blog name to that! But liking the "down time". I'll be back very soon! I have you re-linked!

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