To my dear dear blue eyed boy

This started out as a very emotional and heart wrenching post…but after much deliberation I ended up deleting the whole thing. I miss you, I’m worried about you and I wish that things were still they way they used to be. You were my boy, my friend and a ray of sunshine in my life. These days I hardly see you. I have no idea what is going on in your life, and the little I do know I hear from other people or through FB. I’m not sure where exactly the distance came from. I don’t think either of us are to blame…I suppose it’s just one of those things…but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

But before I become all emotional and girly I just wanted to tell you this. I miss you! More than you can ever imagine. And I will always love you in that special way that we love each other. Closer than the bestest of friends and yet, no more than friends. Look after yourself you hear.

I love you



6 thoughts on “To my dear dear blue eyed boy

  1. BB – yeahTamTam – I know…i'd rather be close emotionally and far physically than the other way around any dayAngel – it's funny how it takes just one thing to remind us of stuff like that huh? *hugs*SvD – I'm sorry:) glad you read it tho

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