Dear Panarotti’s

So last night we went to one of your restaurant to celebrate AK’s birthday. We were a little late in arriving, and when we finally pitched up, all excited about seeing old friends, having drinks and celebrating with me friendster, I was seated facing the murals in the children gaming area.

I didn’t actually pay much attention to the mural at first, but something about it kept bothering me, so finally i took a couple of seconds to study it and figure out what was bothering me. And then it occurred to me. It’s slightly disturbing really. I couldn’t believe my eyes and proceeded to ask most of the people at our table to take a look to see if they saw it too….and without fail everyone had the same reaction, which resulted in all of us collapsing in giggles.

I had to get a picture of course, so that i could include it in this here letter. But, since all the waiters were staring at us and the mural at that stage i bribed my cousin to do the embarrassing job of taking my phone, walking up to the offending image and taking the picture.

I present to you Exhibit A:
I’m not quite sure what i find more disturbing….the fact that the little kid is happily holding on to a penis or the monster staring at it excitedly in the background. Anyway, i just thought I’d point out this little painting mishap to you. Please note that in future I’ll be facing the other way when coming for pizza, as no food would be consumed if i actually had to sit right in front of it again.



P.S. Oh, by the way…we aptly nicknamed it “Tollie the Lollie“, so don’t be surprised if you discover a little bit of graffiti on your wall:)


9 thoughts on “Dear Panarotti’s

  1. 6000 – No freakin way!!!! you’re kidding right?BB – Yay! more people who agree with me…we collapsed in a little heap pointing and laughing, the staff thought we were completely insane;)CAZ – I Know!!Chris – ha ha ha haha….miskien moet ons ‘n seksopvoeding restaurant open vir kinders en kyk hoeveel ouers hul kinders sal bring?Angel -it’s sad really. But i’m now on a mission…have been scrutinizing the walls and menus of all restaurants i go into

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha!I always knew Panarotti’s was super dodgey. Their ads are horrible (and there’s no way you can escape them in a movie theatre), but the penis lollie is just beyond disturbing!

  3. Tamtam – I agree!!!! Sos we missed you at bloggirls…and i was looking foward to seeing you sooo muchly! I'll try and make a plan to come on sunday night…have some friends i wanna drag along:) I'll let you know. hugs & kisses

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