Dear bestest best friend

Well my dearest best friend…I finally found my dress and shoes for your wedding. It’s only taken weeks of stress and searching, but both dress and shoes are perfect. Enclosed, please find pictures of the shoes……the dress I’ll keep a surprise for now.



OK, so there is a little bit of the dress peeking out to wet your appetite


7 thoughts on “Dear bestest best friend

  1. Those are really pretty. Are they comfy too? (I love pretty shoes but at any event where I am expected to prance around and then dance under the influence later they usually get stashed under a rose bush close to the exit if it gets to much).

  2. Angel – you can’t have them ;pBB – Thanx hun:)TamTam – Yep, and they were wonderful, and dancing with them was pure bliss I tell you!!Elise – he he:)

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