Dear all

Once again i find myself in a position where I have to apologize for being awfully quiet…….jeepers, when does it end!

OK, so I’ve been awfully quiet since my “a decade of me” post, but things have been rather hectic. Today’s post won’t be long, it’s only to inform you guys that I’m off on a mini-holiday to Mozambique…….all expenses paid…wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Gym Bunny and 2 of here friends are going on a “business trip” to Mozambique……there was supposedly a fourth person but said fourth person has since pulled out and yesterday at 4 o’clock the arrangements were made. We leave tonight at 11, I haven’t packed anything yet except my passport and camera. The rest of the stuff is small and mundane.

So….I’m off to enjoy a 3 day break filled with quad biking, swimming, cocktail drinking and lying in the sun…..for FREE! Sos, I just can’t help repeating that part:)

I’ll be back on Tuesday with a lovely letter to Mozambique filled with amazing stories and gorgeous pics.




9 thoughts on “Dear all

  1. we’re still waiting for the letter from mozambique. given the superb new blog header, you definitely need to resume posting, globus wants another excuse to come and lech mo’ often :-)x

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