Dear Readers

Sweets recently posted about party favourites. I realise that this is probably going to sound ever so slightly insane. But i’ve only recently discovered that something i am able to do is quite rare and very….well, weird.

The thing is i do this thing with my hand. If i make my fingers straight with the palm of my hand pointing downwards, my fingers all bend upward…..far upward. So what i decided to do, in order to set my mind at ease and find out if it is really so incredibly weird or not, is to post a picture of me straightening my fingers, and to ask your opinion.

Exhibit A:

Yes, my palm is pointing downward.

So tell me… this weird? Can you do it to?





20 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. not really….i mean, i can sit in funny positions, and i’ve always been very stretchable and bendable, but i’m not really double jointed or anything.

  2. sweets deary…don’t judge, i’ve got foot in mouth disease, if i don’t say stupid thyings like that without considering where other people’s minds might go i wouldn’t be me:)Dankie dankie:) and they are my own….no fake nails for me!

  3. Hahaha…I am sitting reading your blog and flexing my hand…hilarious!I can sort-of do it…my fingers don’t bend quite as much as yours do, but there’s a definite lift!Thanks Ruby…The Rubster just showed me I have even more weird qualities! LOL

  4. I can do that. People have always thought it weird. Back in the corporal punishment days, i’d just bend my fingers as the cane came down and not feel a thing. You are not alone Ruby.

  5. anon – thank goodness…somebody else is with me on this one;)Glug – straight as a plank huh? Party tricks?? what party tricks?? I can’t do anything else than the finger thing……*evil grin*

  6. I also have that particular ‘talent’ – my thumbs are also a bit double jointed. Comes in handy during those post-tequila need to impress moments!P.S. Love the nails!

  7. rox – Ta for the compliment:)amy – hmmm…..maybe we should start a meme so people can show all their really odd talents???

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