Dear Tamara

It seems that I’m kinda getting hooked on memes huh? I haven’t been able to make use of my normal creative juices, as antibiotics and creative juices seem to have a detrimental effect on my health. So i stumbled upon this little meme on your blog and decided to give you and all the other little bloggers some more insight into, well…me:)

1. I hate anyone coming close to my ears. I freak out completely. This fact has however served as a very entertaining past time for every and all of the guys i have ever dated.

2. I have this insane ability to always be rational and realistic….no matter what. weird, i know

3. I love the smell of freshly baked bread. It’s the greatest pick-me-up ever!!!!!

4. I become really depressed and frustrated when I’m sick. So I’m sure you’ll be able to determine my mood right about now

5. I love all kinds of stationary…like you:) I have more pens than i could possibly need in one lifetime. Gel pens, glitter pens, high light pens, coloured pens… name it and I’ve probably got it;)

6. My circle of trust is very small. I rarely share my closest emotions with the people around me, and when i do it is to a very select few.

7. I plan to do my masters degree next year

8. I’ve unofficially been offered an amazing job. The official offer is however dependant on one thing…….can he afford to wait until my current employment contract expires???

OK hun, i gotta go and get back in bed. I’m hoping to be back on top of my game in a week or so, and then i promise to post some proper letters:)

Have a good one!




10 thoughts on “Dear Tamara

  1. oh my goodness… are you feeling better yet!??!i’m beginning to think the longing for stationery is a chick thing!

  2. WOW you’re the other me from 1 – 6!!I am TOTALLY ESPECIALLY with you on the ear thing! can’t handle it!! *shudder*

  3. Attention all: I am feeling much better thank you:) after spending about a week and a half in bed…wishing that i could rather die…and fighting a horrible bout of severe bronchitis bordering on pneumonia, i’m finally back. The doc wanted to put me in hospital on oxygen and all kinds of aweful hospital like stuff…but i begged and pleaded and made all kinds of promises and he finally just sent me home with a whole pharmacy of medicine. I’m still not completely there…i get tired very quickly, still short of breath, and i still cough, but i’m over the worst…hurray hurray!!!!!!

  4. jeepers girls….seems like it’s def a female thing huh???Angel – see above;) thanx for your well wishes last week and over the weekend:)AK – you may only do that if all else fails!!! you’re not supposed to encourage me!!!Caz – how totally random is that??? i hope your husband doesn’t also make it his fav pass time???BB – he he:) yes, shockingly enough….i’m sure we’d be able to open an amazing stationary shop tho:)

  5. I kniw this is completely belated, but… YOU WROTE A LETTER TO ME! I am so honoured, lady. Thanks. Any word on the job issue yet?

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