Dear Client

I have learnt a very valuable lesson today. A lesson I was hoping to never learn, never experience, never be faced with. But alas, life happens and so do you, and I have to deal with that.

I have learnt that a leopard never changes it’s spots. That if someone is an idiot today they will probably be and idiot for the rest of their lives, and just because I keep my promises and try and be a good person doesn’t mean the rest of the world will. I have rudely been introduced to the reality of the male dominated world i function in, and I have been shaken, but definitely not thrown. Your behaviour will only serve to make me stronger, more strong minded and more “hardegat”.

Ever since our first meeting I’ve been irked by the mere thought of you. Somehow I could never quite manage to feel comfortable in you presence and for the most part i managed to ensure that i never had to meet with you alone. But a one on one client auditor meeting was inevetable. And you sir, overstepped the boundaries.

The suggestive comments I could handle. The extremely unsubtle hints I managed to brush off. And the invitation to a night with you I could backhand away with a light threat and a stern tone of voice. But what you did that day threw me over the edge completely. Grabbing my hands behind my back and pulling me close to you is sexual harrassment in an extreme form.

I snapped. I yelled and kicked and finally managed to get you to let go. I phoned Bossman and together we made a sexual harrassment case against you. You set up a meeting with both of us and begged me to let the case go. To think about your wife and your children and to consider the fact that i’d be ruining a perfectly happy family. I hated the fact that you used my softheartedness against me and that you managed to make me feel guilty for something that wasn’t even remotely my fault. But, after much discussion, many tears and a semi nervous breakdown, I dropped the case.

You promised that you would be the image of profesionality. That you would never again touch me, say anything suggestive to me, as long as i dropped the case and you remained my client. Being me I was stupid enough to believe you.

In the past couple of months however, I have learned that you are a liar. You do not care for your family. You’re a greedy pig who thinks that money can buy class, and love and most of all that money can buy me. Well, it can’t! I’m sick of your stupid comments whenever I’m forced to meet with you. Suggesting that everything from the length of my dress to the cut of my top was specifically to seduce you. You’d probably think i was trying to seduce you if i dressed like a bloody nun too!

I’ve warned you before and I’m warning you again for the last time. Stay the hell away from me! If you don’t I will re-open the case against you. I will see your ass in court and I will tear you to pieces. I may be soft and friendly and nice….but i’m no one’s toy! Bossman has insisted that 2nd in command will be your contact from now on, so there is absolutely no reason for you to come anywhere near me.

I certainly hope that you realise that I’m deadly serious and that even though I’d hate every second of it, I won’t hesitate to do this. Please, I beg you….just stay the hell away from me.




19 thoughts on “Dear Client

  1. hard lesson to learn, but so true, men like that never change and the worst is that he used his unsuspecting family… gloves off i think! and you my dear… handled it beautifully, good for you πŸ™‚

  2. thanx sweets:) Still disturbed by the fact that he dared put the “breaking up a perfectly happy family” on me…..but hey, he’s an idiot right?

  3. Lemme at em!! He ever does that again, my friend, and you just call me. I’ll get in my car, and personally make sure that he never bugs you again…or any other woman for that matter. His package is obviously bothering him, so I’ll just remove it, and save him a whole bunch of trouble.

  4. awe…thanx me friend! I’ll def let you know next time….or maybe we should rather get my connections in the italian mob to sort it out??? that way nothing can be linked to us? *hugs*

  5. I HATE HIM!!!I HATE THE MUTHA FUCKING BITCH ASS CUNT LICKING PUSSY!!How dare he?Give me his name.Let me ruin him for you!shit, I hate it that you are softhearted but i know you will use this lesson well.I hope you’re OK now……COME ON … LET ME HAVE HIM FOR DINNER. I was his BALLS on a plate about to feed them to him while forcing him to watch Noort vir Noort in a room that has an echo.

  6. Amen to that sister! I’m no raving feminist, but its about time that kind of man knew we women arent play things, we arent their submissives and we definately cant be bought and sold. Screw him hard with a rusty old screwdriver i say!

  7. bridgy – *bloodthirsty cry* CUT HIS BALLS OFF BRIDGY!!!!! hehe:) thanx hun…your reaction is really touching and I appreciate the fact that you wanna kill him on my behalf;) Sometimes, just sometimes, I also hate the fact that i’m softhearted…but that’s who I am, and for the most part I like being that way. I’m fine now, thanx sweety:) Noort vir noort you say??? ha ha ha ha….i think that will prob be the worst part of the punishment you have planned! I’d be sure to send you a quick mail with his name and contact details should he give me any more hassles…deal?Amy – yeah….i hated the fact that he thought he could play with me…it’s so degrading;(Sheena….yes, apparently being sweet and softhearted is both a blessing and a curse…..i’ll try and be more coldhearted next time the situation arises:) I’m handing him over to bridget and arkwife if he puts one foot wrong…that work for you?Glug – he he:) you and everybody else reading the blog it seems:) thanx hun:)

  8. OK, I have no idea what my last comment said, but it meant to say “re-open the case and roll his arse. He needs to go down, and you are doing the family a favour.”

  9. Well Ruby, I think you should re-open the case again. You gave him a chance, and he has proven he is not sorry, so why should you give him another chance?Nothing will ever change if we let men get away with this shit. The fact that he is still making comments to you now makes him think he has won and can continue to behave this way with no consequences. What an arse hole he is- his family would be better off without him anyway, I really believe that. Jenny x

  10. Sonny – yeah, i’ve come to the conclusion that i’d def be doing the fam a favour…but if i can help it i don’t wanna put myself through all that stuff again…it nearly caused a breakdown the last time…but if thats what i gotta do then thats what i’ll do….i’m just waiting to see what his reaction on my threats are….Glob – yeah, you’d know:) I hate learning those type of lessons though…why does there always seem to be heartache and hurt involved with these type of lessons??Jenny – Thanx for the comment hun! Well, the ultimatum has been set. Now we’re all sitting around waiting to see whether or not he complies. If not, i promise i’ll be re-opening the case, as well as setting bridget and Arkwife on his ass. I honestly believe that his family would be better off without him too. Thanx for the support and the advice…it’s truly appreciated:) xxx

  11. Sjoe…my friend…I hope this all sorts it out! I’m a bit surprised that Bossman didn’t hand in over to someone else earlier! I’d have phoned his wife & told her…it sure beats papers & questions from cops etc!Hope you feeling better though!

  12. KaB – Thanx hun. Bossman is suitably furious and he’s kinda upset with me for not wanting to immediately reopen the case….but i’m not quite sure if i’m ready to do this yet…it’s nerve racking!Angel – Yes, me gloves are def off hun;)WP – ooooh! now that’s a relationship that could go places – Me likes the way you think:)

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