Dear Blonde Stranger

The dark clouds slowly crawled over the mountain as I was making my way down the steep slope. Rushing, trying to avoid being caught on the mountain in the rain. Suddenly the universe’s stomach growled fiercely and I skipped a heartbeat as the lightning hit a large tree not too far away from where i was making my mad dash to safety.

Then, out of nowhere, you suddenly appeared. A tall, blonde stranger. There you stood, on the narrow wooden bridge. The same bridge I had to cross to reach safety. I stopped. My heart was beating painfully in my chest as those soul piercing, ice blue eyes looked straight through me. Time stopped. The earth stopped turning……everything was focused on you. Tall, fearless, confident, daring the elements to defeat you.

Slowly the earth was released from your spell. Wind once again howled around the mountain. The moment passed, but i simply couldn’t peel my eyes away from your face. The strong chin, the fierce blue eyes, the sunbleached blonde hair, you were the owner of the universe…you had me captured.

Then, in one swift movement you turned your head toward me. I shrank back against the mountain involuntarily… couldn’t see me! You smiled your lazy smile. I was powerless in you gaze. I could no more run away than i could walk towards you. I just stood there, staring helplessly.

I blinked. And in that millisecond you disappeared. I looked around frantically, but there was no sign of you. You had vanished into thin air.

Then, as the icy rain finally penetrated my mountain gear, my mind snapped back into action. I ran the rest of the way down, frantic to get out of the rain and the danger zone the mountain had become.

Now as i lie in my bed i can’t help but wonder. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Were you ever even there to begin with, or was it all part of the magic of the mountain? The same magic that keeps bringing me back here. The same magic that makes me the person i am. The magic I can’t live without.

I hope that next time I visit my mountain that you will be there. Waiting. Staring. Laughing at me with those fierce blue eyes. Daring me to ascend the mountain once again.

Yours in hope



12 thoughts on “Dear Blonde Stranger

  1. thanx sweets:) erm…….yes i suppose, but i’ve only ever seen him on that bloody mountain! I think i need to make the trip, and soon!

  2. That was gorgeous writing Ruby, and i think Sweets is right – we all have one of those that lives in our fantasies.Only mine isnt blonde and blue-eyed…he’s tall, DARK, and handsome…

  3. sweets – i know hunmiss M – Maybe, but i always thought fairies were supposed to be small and well…uhm…fairy like?Angel – thank you man:)Elise – I suppose he is…but now i’ll never know:) Thanx babe!Amy – oooh!!! can i have one of those too???!!!!

  4. This might be one of your stalkers though .. you better watch his cute self carefully. Tee hee. This was magnificently written Rubes, the imagery takes my breath away.

  5. oh my goodness!! i never thought about that….i suppose i should have it looked into by my Mafia friends…if he’s not they might even help me find him:)Ta for the compliment bridgy!

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