Admittedly, usually a letter from me to you would have fallen somewhere between hate-mail or complaints. But today I have a whole different matter resting heavily on my heart. I want to thank you.

OK, you can stop laughing now and sit back down, I’m serious about this one. I would really like to thank you. I realise that even though most of you guys waste your time at work on all kinds of mundane things you probably haven’t stumbled across my little collection of letters yet… I’ll give you an update.

On Wednesday i wrote a letter to a guy that has been stalking me. Not bothering me a little or appearing to be a little more interested in me than most other guys…..full on stalking. I was like a scared little mouse. After sitting around for a while, feeling like the proverbial sitting duck, I managed to work up some courage and became outraged. I refused to be the victim and took action.

First course of action:
Contacted his boss, spilled the beans, found out that I’m not the first and managed to get his ass fired.

I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of him being fired. I know this sounds really silly, but just try and put yourself in my position. He’s already stalking me…..he’s probably contemplating and planing my abduction and subsequent murder…..and now he has even more reason to hate me……GREAT!

Second course of action:
I finally mustered the courage to give you guys a ring. I didn’t want to initially. I was afraid that i would be laughed at, ridiculed, accused of seeking attention and most of all that nothing will be done about it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the service i received. The officer i spoke to treated me with so much respect and made me feel like the most important person on earth. He didn’t laugh, he didn’t ridicule and he was outraged. Bless his little cotton socks!

Thanx to yours truly and the ever so sweet police officer, dear Mr Honda guy has been arrested. Apparently the cops have been looking for him for a while. *skipping and jumping around office in little victory dance*

So, this is just a little thank you note. Thank you for treating me with respect, for not making me feel like a paranoid little bitch and last but definitely not least for catching the moron who has been making my life a living hell.




18 thoughts on “Dear SAPS

  1. thanx babe! i always thought i was a think queen, but if you think i’m a thin king then that’s your opinion…he heJust kidding….i hereby correct sheena’s typo…and no one is allowed to say anything about it anymore…i already did that!

  2. sheena – no worries hum, i just couldn’t resist:)Blondie…..well, as far as i know he is currently in jail…and i certainly hope he stays there!

  3. YAY!!You see, never be a victim! Victimise instead. Dude will now got to jail where he will be bum brushed and stalked by Big Joe! He will come out and need a donut cushion in order to sit properly and I shall say YAY!

  4. Good work Ruby. Just goes to show taking action can work ahead of the ” well, i guess i just have to shut down my life until he leaves me alone ” thing…

  5. amy – me? stop my life for anyone?? no way! thanx hun!Sweetass – i’ve been chowing on all of this over the weekend. I finally bounced some of it off a friend of mine and he was furious at me for not telling. I think i’m only starting to realise how serious this was, now that it’s basically over. I cannot tell you how relieved i am!

  6. Holy shit, that’s some freaky shit right there!Glad the dude has been apprehended! And that the cops are doing their jobs!Shame, I often feel sorry for them…they get paid a pittance & are expected to jump infront of bullets & arrest the baddies which must be all so frightening…no wonder some of them get their freak on & do fuball! If the government *cough not really one are they* could up their salaries & train them properly…make sure they know how to speak, write, handle a weapon, can run a mile or two & drive then SA may be a slightly better place…but the government first & foremost needs to get it’s act together! Haiwenna but I get angry!Am totally glad that psycho is gone *touch wood hug a tree*! That ain’t some cool shit right there!Be safe yo & watch your back just in case!

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