Dear Co-worker Beatch!

Today I have had enough! In the past 3 years you have made every single day a misery….except of course when I’m not at the office. I’ve been patient, I’ve been kind, I’ve been hard working, understanding, sweet, nice, friendly and just about everything under the sun which can be used to described pretty much treating you with respect and friendliness even though you don’t deserve this. But now it is just becoming way beyond ridiculous!

You are one gorgeous lady….we all know that. You look 22 despite the fact that you have just turned 33. You are smart and well educated but all of this is spoilt by you behaviour. You are a bitch. I’m so sorry, but there is just no other way to put it.

You treat me with disdain, because for the first time ever you actually have competition in the office in all departments. Looks, brains, personality…..and to make it even worse I’m better liked because nobody considers me to be a bitch. I’m nice, friendly, sometimes difficult, but first to apologize if I was wrong…unlike certain people I know who considers all other people to be stupid, ugly, always wrong, and just way below them on the social ladder. Well wake up missy!!!!

I don’t mean to be vain or anything, but you are driving me insane. You are not as absolutely cool as you think you are!You are driving a mini cooper..not because you bought it but because your rich boyfriend paid for it…you only wear designer clothes…because your rich boyfriend buys it… go overseas at least twice a year…only because your rich boyfriend takes you.

You are 33 years old, cant do anything for yourself, have no social skills and well frankly……without you little rich ass boyfriend you don’t really have anything. You despise the fact that I get along well with everyone else at the office, because the boss loves me and is forever singing my praises, the fact that I don’t rant and rave back at you when you shout at me like a real fish wife, that i was given the corner office even though you’ve been at the company longer….the fact that people like me for me and I don’t need money to impress them. The fact that I was the one that received the Management position for next year while your articles expired without any future at our company.

Now that I’m done ranting and raving I actually feel quite sorry for you. It is so sad to see someone with your talents waste them. I honestly do think that you are one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen(no I’m not Lesbian), you are extremely intelligent and if your boyfriend wants to spoil you that much…well done on finding one like that. I just don’t see why you have to be such a bitch to everyone around you? hell, you even try and command the boss around….what’s up with that? I’m sick of you telling everyone horrible gossip stories which are so far from the truth that everyone just laughs at you anyway. I’m tired of you trying to make me feel like I am inferior. I’m tired of being friendly and respectful when all of my niceness just gets thrown back in my face.

Everyone is writing your farewell card since your article contract expires at the end of the year along with mine. They are all lying. “We’re gonna miss you”, “come and visit”, yeah, whatever! everybody dislikes you…surely you know that by now. I’ve decided not to write anything. I’d rather let you think I’m a bitch by not leaving you a nice little message in the card than put a lie in ink forever.

I’ve just read the letter and realised that it might sound vain. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be, and actually, its not. Its just that I’m so sick of you trying to make me feel like I’m an excuse for a human being. I’m not! I’m good at what I do, and I’m not nice to people cause I’m scared they might dislike me if I’m not. I’m nice to people because that’s who I really am…..if i did act like a bitch every now and again I wouldn’t remain true to the person I’ve become. Live with it.

I’m not writing anything in you card, but in truth I do wish you the best for the future. I hope you get a job and a boss that suits you. And I certainly hope that you and mister Rich BF will get married sometime soon, it’s about time. But please….for heavens sake…don’t come back and visit and never, never live with the illusion that you are sorely missed on this side




11 thoughts on “Dear Co-worker Beatch!

  1. Dear Ruby’s Perpetua,Why was it not you who tripped on a treadmill and injured your foot. How dare, in your fabulousness, look 22 when you are 33. What is this secret … *change of tone in letter* please, please share it with me! I’m begging you!*shakes self to wake up from jealousy induced hypnosis*I mean honestly! I hope you move on with you life, find a job at fabulous firm and work with people who treat you as meanly as you have treated lovely, lovely Ruby. Only then will you recapture your humanness and perhaps Rich BF will marry you.Sincerely,Miss-I-Have-Had-To-Deal-With-Morons-Like-You-All-My-Life

  2. bridge – *wiping tears from eyes* thank you so much. I am quite sure that will make her feel absolutely horrid about the way she’s been treating me. BTW – she doesn’t drink any coffee, tons of water and only whisky as alcohol, no wine. Also, she goes to a spa quite regurlarly(on rich BF’s money of course.Moooog35(crap, not sure how many o’s there are supposed to be) – thanx dudy

  3. EVERYONE has ONE of those bitches! Gosh, you should copywrite that and then rent out as a standard template for people…just leave blanks for people to fill in the details! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’m sure you feel better though! Well done…hope she reads it!

  4. thats a brilliant idea! i know for a fact that most people i know have at least one of these people in the office…..anybody got details on how i’m supposed to go about this??

  5. Hi Rubes, this entry was so apt with the day I have had! Thanks for sharing and making me feel like I am not the only one who has to deal with dumbasses in the office!x

  6. hah hah everyone always talks about shitty co-workers, I’m the only female where I work and the guys work away from me, so although I feel lonely at times, at least I don’t have any office politics. Now enough about me, please describe what this chick looks like, I’m so curious coz you said she’s one of the most attractive woman you’ve ever seen. Hair colour, height, etc :PMaybe she acts like that coz she’s actually insecure, or could be just a bitchhhhhh.

  7. biaaaaatch… i tend to also be the friendly one, day after day after day, until one day i draw the line… you shouldn’t let her walk all over you rubes, people like that should be put in their place, and remember…don’t trust anybody’s opinion about yourself ok?!loveDr. Phil

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