I think I’ve found my new favorite shoe store: Call it Spring. They’re linked to the Aldo brand but I find their things to be more girly and far more to my taste:)

Bought these cute little pink and white loafers over the weekend… ❤ them so much



Dear Aldo

I was super excited when I recently received a rather large voucher for your store as a birthday gift.  Everybody knows I absolutely adore shoes, and the voucher was given to me specifically for this reason, and also to stop me from using it for anything BUT shoes and/or bags.


I did not waste any time in attempting to spend my voucher and found myself at your shop in Sandton city last weekend.  I was immediately drawn to the most gorgeous grey boots.  See exhibit A:

Exhibit A

I absolutely fell in love with them the moment I saw them, and I HAD to have them.  For once the shop had my size (a small but rather popular shoe size) and in no time at all I was happily walking around in the shop, completely sold.  Due to your sale I was also able to obtain a second set of boots.  A lovely light brown flat pair, ideal for wearing with my jeans.  I was in shoe heaven.  Definitely a #HappyRuby moment right there.

So on monday morning I got dressed, bearing in mind that I wanted to wear my lovely new boots.  I was super excited heading to work.  Feeling epically sexy and pretty, strutting my stuff in my gorgeous, super expensive birthday boots.  My happiness was short-lived.  The moment I sat down at work and looked down my world shattered.  I was confronted by THIS:

Mismatched shoes

One grey shoe and one purplish shoe.  How is it possible that one pair of shoes can look like two totally different sets of shoes??????? I was completely horrified.  After a terrible morning of feeling totally out of sorts due to mismatched boots, my team member and I headed over to your Menlyn store to find out if they could do something about it.  There was no way that I was about to spend my entire monday morning in the foulest mood ever due to mismatched shoes.  The Menlyn staff were very nice.  They assured me that as long as I would be exchanging it for the same boots it won’t be a problem that I didn’t have a box. However, I wouldn’t be able to exchange it for anything else, as every pair of shoes needed a box.  Fair enough..however, this did make me wonder.  What were you going to do with the mismatched shoes.  Shove it into a box and sell it to the next person who fell in love with it and leaving them to deal with the problem of mismatched shoes???

Anyway, they brought me a new pair…I happily put them on, and to my complete and utter horror found them to be mismatched too. How is that even possible?? The staff carried every single pair out of the store-room, and believe it or not, all of them were mismatched. From slightly to epically, every single one without fail. I have one phrase for you….WHAT THE HELL??  Obviously I no longer wanted my beloved ‘grey‘ boots, but since the Menlyn store couldn’t exchange them for me without a box, I had to settle for the least mismatched pair.  So i exchanged my purple and grey pair for a light and dark grey pair instead.

I’ve subsequently returned the boots, with the box, to the Sandton City Store where I bought the original pair.  The shop assistant was suitably horrified and was more than willing to issue me a new voucher for the value as I didn’t see anything I immediately wanted.  I suppose I can not fault your service.  Your shop assistants were professional and helpful and at least I can say they followed protocol. I guess that counts for something too.

This whole ordeal has left me with one question though.  Seriously, to whom else does this kind of crap happen?  I mean think about this list:  a roof collapsed on me, an aircon fell out of a wall and hit me, my feet received acid burns after I bought a pair of shoes that were laced with acidic powder, I buy a pair of shoes from a reputable store like yourself and they are mismatched…to name but a few. Let’s face it…my life is far from boring.