Weekend roundup

I found this on Instagram over the weekend and it made me laugh. It is exactly how life should be:


So my weekend was filled with a lot of awkward, some mucking about, a lot of awesome and even a lot of chilling.

It all started off with a last minute visit to my hairdresser on friday afternoon for a trim. SO….in November (and I still blame this on the crazy emotional time I was going through) I decided to completely change my hair. Essentially I gave my hairdresser free reign to do what every she wanted within 3 simple rules:

  • Remember I work in a very corporate environment;
  • You can play with the length all you want but please make sure i can still tie it up; and
  • Just show me a picture of your plan before you actually go ahead and do it.

She was super excited and I ended up with an angular long bob and a balayage. And I love it! The reason I had to go for a trim is because my hair grows SUPER fast and it had grown too long for the style and no longer hung nicely.  She ended up taking a bit more off too…so it’s still the same style just quite a bit shorter…which is taking me some time to get used to…but I love it none the less.

The chop was followed by drinks and snacks with my colleagues at the Slug & Lettuce.  We had a ton of fun and we ended up only leaving around 19:30 only. I proceeded to go and watch a movie at a friend’s house there after.   By this time I was in agony. (Let’s just travel back to 10am when i went for 5 difference vaccines shots for an upcoming work trip into Africa…Yellow fever, typhoid, tetanus, polio, Hep A&B, etc etc, etc). I was unable to lift my arms and by then i was unable to touch my arms and they were throbbing. By the time i got home i was in tears and my attempt to rub them with arnica oil (as advised by the nurse) ended in disaster as they were too painful to touch. Thankfully painkillers helped a lot!

Saturday morning was spent at a baby shower for a very special little boy who will be making his appearance in March. But this is where the awkward comes in. It was my ex’s sister’s baby shower. I know I know…you’re all thinking i’m completely mad for going….but here’s the thing. After the breakup his sister kindly contacted me to let me know that I’ve been her friend for so long that she desperately wants me to attend despite not dating her brother anymore. HOW COULD I SAY NO TO THAT?

His family has always been amazing….and I love them all dearly. I couldn’t say no…so I went. Her entire family (including my ex) was there. This i hadn’t quite expected. The family was super excited to see me and i was showered with hugs and chats and stories….heartwarming stuff really. Until i ran into my ex and we exchanged a really super awkward greeting. It was at this point that I decided that we weren’t 5. We weren’t angry. We didn’t hate each other and therefore I refuse to let the awkwardness rule whatever form of relationship we choose to have post breakup (i.e. whether we choose to ignore each other completely or eventually become friends). So I put on my big girl panties and went to have a chat to him. It was slightly awkward at first but as we started catching up the awkwardness faded completely.

But I realised one very important thing as I stood there. I don’t regret my decision to step away one bit. In fact…it served as confirmation that I absolutely, 100% made the right choice. And even more surprising was realising that there was absolutely no tug a my heartstrings while I spoke to him. I have moved on completely and I was in a much better place. It was as if my closure process had come full circle…and it’s amazing.

The baby shower was followed by mucking about with a mate taking silly, lame and completely chop like photos (See exhibit 1 below) and a movie marathon. It was awesome.


Sunday was spent with family. I visited my aunt, uncle, cousins and godson and swapped stories (since I haven’t seen them since like October).  We’ve also come to realise that my godson LOVES the taste of my hands. He whines if i dare take my hands away and refuses to accept anybody else’s even when i’m not the one holding him. It was highly amusing really. Silly little boy…stolen my heart and now shares it with my two beautiful nephews.


Speaking of which…how adorable are these two dashing lads in the epic snow they had last weekend?  There is no way to explain the love i feel for these two little boys who live so far away. There is NOTHING  i wouldn’t do to keep them safe and happy. I can’t even begin to imagine how much more insane it is when you’re a mother!



Dear Baby B

There is so much that I want to tell this little bundle of joy.  So many things I’d like to share with him…memories and information and I wish i could hold him and tell him how precious he is.  But rather than bore you all with my aunty ramblings I’ve decided to rather just post a whole bunch of pictures I’ve received from the other side of the big waters.  Prepare for cuteness overload as I share my heart melt moments:)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Baby!
Being guarded by Charlie the dog

Hello World

Dear 2012

It’s been so long since I’ve typed a blog post that sitting here doing “this” feels rather strange.  But here I am, nevertheless, getting back into the swing of blogging…finally:)

It’s only the end of February and 2012 has already proven to be quite the year.  So many things have happened, so many changes have taken place.  2011 ended and 2012 started with a big bang.  The adventure of a lifetime. Jetting off to the States with my best friend to see all the sights and sounds of Washington and New York and to most importantly spend New Years eve in Times Square.  This has long been a big dream of mine and I can not even begin to describe this experience to anyone.  It is overwhelming, amazing and now when I sit and look at the million of pictures we took I can not believe we were actually right there in the thick of things when it happened.  Such memories:)  It was not my first trip to the States, but as it was my friend’s I was lucky enough to once again experience some of the most amazing places and to experience some I had not yet seen.

Much shopping was done, plenty of fun was had and we came back with so many memories and experiences.  I look back and all I can do is smile.  I was also lucky enough to extend my stay in the US with another week to go and visit my brother and sister-in-law.  As many of you know they are expecting, and it was also during my trip that we found out I will be aunty to a little boy. I was also blessed enough to experience listening to his little heart heat and to feel him kick.  The emotion this brought, I can not even begin to explain.  I’m by no means broody or in any state of mind where I want my own.  But there was something that touched my heart so deeply that tears were very very near the surface when I heard that little beat.

Anyhoodle, enough with all the emotional stuff…I’ve included a few pictures of the holiday.  Between the 2 of us we took over a thousand and choosing only a few is hard and does not do justice to it.  But here they are never the less:)

At the Lincoln Memorial....being a tourist
I could get used to sitting in the Oval office

Giving Tiger some advice
Random bench in Central Park
I ❤ this city
Half frozen pond in Central Park... -11 will do that to you
Happy little family - Sis-in-law, bro and Charlie the dog
With my bro - even though his eyes are shut

Central Park
From the Empire state building
Happy new year!
Happy new year!!!!

Just a tad of the craziness that is Times Square on New Years Eve
Happy new year!!! Blessed 2012!!!!!!

Unfortunately, while 2012 started off well, I was greeted with a consultants worst nightmare when I came back.  Our investigation had finished and we had not yet been reassigned to a new one.  While I had no doubt that I would be reassigned, it did meant that I came back to 3 weeks of unemployment…..and in the consultant world no work = no pay.  It was just a TAD stressful, but thankfully all that has been resolved now, and February saw me returning to more regular (almost full) working hours.

But things weren’t all bad:) There were also a few really good things that happened along the way.  For one, I’ve finally received something I’ve been waiting for since October:) It is gorgeous and I love it to bits.

So my dearest 2012…we’ve gotten off to a fairly good and somewhat rocky start.  We’ve got 10 months left to make this the best year of my life.  Let’s do this!