Let’s get lost a.k.a #60of365

Pretty new nail polish:) the little parts of my skin that got painted will be cleared after tomorrow morning’s shower. For some weird reason the toothpick and cotton wool trick just doesn’t work for me:/




Taking a break from my current insane schedule to paint my nails…otherwise known as procrastination:) the colour is called “cute as a button” from Essie…goes perfectly with my coral Prada shoes:) i’m a bit of a messy painter…but the bits on the skin will come off in the shower:) and I even took the time to apply some nail art..lookit me being all girly:p




Today’s picture is just because I tend to sometimes step out of my comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary with my nails. I’m not convinced I like this….it kinda looks like I have been scratching around in a bloody carcass.