Dear Readers

You all know this little game by now.  I start and complete a few sentences and then you play along and finish the same sentences in the comments section.


I have become……. a bit of a coffee snob.  There is no doubt in my mind about this.  I really battle to drink poor quality coffee.  Sometimes I force myself to drink it in order to be nice, but it’s not an easy thing for me to do.

I’m not….very good with goodbyes.  And by goodbyes I mean having to bid the people closest to me farewell and know I won’t see them for more than a reasonable time of say a week or two.  I get very sad, and while i generally hold my pose well at the time of the goodbye I do eventually shed a couple of tears.  But don’t go and tell everybody I’m a softy and ruin my street cred OK?

This morning….I was surprised with 2 very unexpected phone calls from old friends I haven’t spoken to in forever.  It was a very pleasant surprise.

I realised…that I probably became more of a grownup in the last 3 months than I did in the 4 years preceding them.

I love…..evaluating my life and realising that I’m well on my way to fulfilling my dreams.  Things that I’ve thought were ONLY dreams are suddenly becoming reality…it’s a wonderful feeling.

It’s OK….to feel insecure sometimes, just don’t make a habit of it.

Being a hero…..can be overrated sometimes.  I’ll be heading to a doctor soon to have my ankle checked out.  I’m petrified at the thought that something has gone wrong with the metal plate, but the pain is truly unbearable and walking and driving are becoming increasingly difficult.

I love….the cold weather we are having today.  I’m SUCH a winter baby it’s not even funny.  the cold weather makes me happy:)

My family…is the best family in the entire world…TRUST me:)

Now it’s your turn.  Looking forward to reading your sentences!



My dearest Mommy person

The mommy

Happy birthday!!!!  I hope that you had the most amazing day, that dad spoiled you rotten and that the year ahead will be filled with blessings and love and laughter and much happiness.

Every day that I look at my life and the part you had played in it I have to smile and I realise how incredibly grateful I am, and how lucky I am to have been blessed with a mother like you.  I thank God everyday for the treasure I hold in my heart.  I have 2 amazing parents who not only love me very much, but who love each other.  Who after 35 years of marriage are still as in love as they were in the days of their courting.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for what you continue doing and for the part you’ve played in making me the person I am today. The confidence, love, enthusiasm and encouragement the two of you give me all the time is more than any child could ask for.  And I wish I could express just how much this means to me.

You are one of the most amazing women I know.  You are full of love, passionate, caring, humble, soft, hard-working and a fighter for what’s right and just.  Harsh words and anger rarely touches that beautiful face that I love so much.  Your passion for God and for what you believe in shines through in everything you do, and when I hear other people talk of you I am proud to call you my mother.  I have so much respect for who and what you are, and it is with love, gratitude, pride and happiness that I think of you.

You’re my mother, my friend, my confidant, my mentor and, as far as a human can be, half of the rock in my life (Dad being the other half of course).  Thank you for being the best mommy person in the whole wide world, for always being there, for loving us exactly as we are and encouraging us to be even better.

Happy birthday mommy.  Love and miss you so very much!


Celebrating my new job with the Mommy person
Celebrating the new job with the Mommy person

Dear Kiki

Oh my word Cuz! I’m so incredibly worried about you:(  I’ve been waiting for this news for a couple of days, and now I’m kind of wishing i didn’t get the news:(

(Let me just interrupt my little letter here and explain something to you…Kiki and Dee are my two cousins who live in the States.  My uncle married an American, and while they lived in Swaziland for a long time they moved to the US when Dee and I were about 16.  Kiki is 2 years younger than Dee.  We get along like a house on fire and I love them dearly. Ok, now back to the letter)

Earlier this week we were informed that you were in hospital.  The details were sketchy at best, all I knew was that there was bleeding in your brain and that things weren’t looking good.  You were admitted to a hospital in Italy, as that’s where you are currently stationed, and your parents and Dee were making the 6 leg journey of 2 days to get to you.  We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out exactly what’s going on.  And we’ve all been praying.

So tonight I finally heard from Dee after they were able to visit you in hospital and speak to the doctors. Turns out you were born with a knot of veins and arteries very deep inside your brain.  After many years this has finally started hemorrhaging.  The tricky thing is that it’s so deep in your brain that they can’t operate without causing damage to a lot of other parts of your brain.  The good news is that they’re starting you on a non-invasive procedure to see if that might help…but they have no answers…they just don’t know if it will work.  If it doesn’t, surgery is your only option and who knows what damage that will cause.

I feel sorry for your folks and Dee.  They’re in a strange country where they don’t understand the language, so while you are receiving the best care possible the hospital is not being very helpful towards them, because they’re not italian.  The fact that when you are awake, your incredible sense of humor is still alive and kicking is serving as a bit of stress relief for everyone.

So my dearest Kiki….my heart is in a very sad place tonight.  Please always remember that you are in our prayers.  Wish we could be there with you, but obviously logistics won’t allow for that.  Remember that we love you very much!



Kiki being silly:)

Happier times with Kiki and her family:)