Dear readers

Sooooo, I haven’t written you guys a letter in quite some time.  And as bad as I feel about neglecting you guys I’m not about to apologize:P It’s been a hectic 2 weeks.  The first week I spent trying to get all my affairs into gear and the second marked my first week in my new job as forensic investigator….*does excited little happy dance*.

SO I’ve decided to start off my new blogging streak with a dear readers know, the little game I play where i start a sentence and then you get to finish it the comments section of the blog…play nice:)

I discovered….. That I really really love my new job:) it makes me feel alive and happy and passionate.

I do not….. in any way feel guilty bout building a case against someone who cheats and steals and embezzles for a living.  I look forward to knowing that I helped with something like that.

Spider……. bites are not ideal:/  2 in a week, even more so.  The left side of my face is currently completely swollen and I can barely see out of my left eye thanx to one of those scary, monster like, 8 legged freaks I’m so incredibly petrified of.

Friends….can be made over a glass of wine if you’re willing to take the risk of getting to know them.

That being said…. making friends with strangers….. can result in a situation you really don’t want (thank goodness I managed to dodge that bullet)

Eating….. the same breakfast every single day can get a bit boring…regardless of how elaborate and luxurious that breakfast may be.

The things…… I’ve missed the most in the last week has been my best friend and my house.

I love…my mac:)

Bad things….. happen to good people too:/

Not having access to internet….. can result in a big gap in information.  I only learned about the earthquake and the tsunami late on the evening it happened…as I only had access to internet after i got home from dinner.

OK my lovelies…off you go.  Your turn:)


A little something about awesome things and big changes

So as you can see….this is not a letter.  I didn’t want to loop it into the ‘Dear Readers’ category and to be honest this is just too big and too exciting to limit it to a letter…so it’s a normal post…about extraordinary things:)

Right, as you all know I’ve been stressing about my whole job situation.  The truth of the matter is….my contract at my current place of work runs out at the end of this month.  And, as much as they wanted to renew it, and as much as I love working here and as much as I love my job….I was getting bored.  I needed a new challenge AND I wanted to move into the direction in which I did my masters degree in…Forensic accounting.  So without securing another job first I informed my boss, no uncertain terms, that I wouldn’t be renewing my contract.  They’re sad to see me go and I think they’re going to suffer a bit in the first few months..but my boss is happy for me.  We have an amazing relationship and he’s cheering me on from the sidelines at the moment…willing me to succeeded.  For this I’m eternally grateful.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been stressful.  After 28 February I won’t have a job and thanks to all my medical emergencies at the end of last year my ‘buffer money’, although still present, wasn’t quite as much as I would have liked it to be in case I didn’t have a job come 1 March.  I was getting annoyed with myself for stressing so much.  God has always provided for me…and this would be no different..but stressing is a human’s something we all do.

I’ve been applying, calling, sending out CV’s, looking up old contacts and doing everything in my power to get a job.  I had a couple of interviews lined up…but I guess I will phone them and cancel.  That’s right…I got a job:) *whoooot* .  Well, technically I didn’t get a job…I’ll be a consultant…so for all practical reasons I’m self-employed and charging myself out at an hourly rate.  I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime..and I’m grabbing hold of it with both hands.  I’ll be working on the most interesting and often ‘top secret’ forensic jobs with one of the biggest names in the forensic accounting profession in the next couple of months.  He’ll be showing me the ropes…what more can I possibly ask for?

I’ve been weighing up all the pros and cons for days now…and no matter how I look at it the pros of doing this far outweighs the cons.  The biggest con of course being not having a guaranteed income at the end of every month.  That’s what saving and budgeting and planning is for…who better than a financial advisor to sort that out????

The opportunity came completely out of the blue, from a direction that I wasn’t really pursuing. And i suspect that’s what makes it even more exciting for me.  This opportunity just kind of showed up.

I’m overwhelmed and incredibly excited and scared to death.  Astronomical changes are about to happen in my life…and as scared as I am…I can’t wait:)  I’ll be travelling a LOT in the next couple of months and I’m afraid Jozi won’t be seeing much of me.  But it’s only for a few months at a time and the work experience and the reputation I’ll be gaining from this will make it totally worth it.

The one thing that is catching me a little is the fact that I’ll be far removed from my social circle.  I’ll see them every now and again….but not nearly as often as I do now.  I’m going to miss my best friend.  This person forms such an integral part of me…the distance and not being able to see each other often is going to be really tough. Although from experience I know that the bond we share is not governed by human borders and perceptions of distance.

I’m scared because I’m moving from what I know (spending 6 years at the same company and knowing all my clients and really knowing my shizz with regards to the work) and leaving my comfort zone far behind me.  But excited because I’m entering a new phase of my life.  Starting a new challenge.  Excited because I’ll be my own boss.  I’ll be able to do my planned 3 week trip to Europe because I won’t have to try to fight for leave.  Excited because this is what I wanted and I’m given the opportunity to do it…not just by anyone…by one of the big dudes in the industry.  I feel so incredibly blessed right now:)

The next 2 weeks is going to be absolutely crazy! Buying a laptop, securing work visas, working on my packing techniques (I’ll be flying out every 2 weeks for 2 weeks to begin with), setting up different accounts for my ‘consulting business’, etc etc etc…the list is endless.  Can anyone say Ruby running around like a headless chicken???  I’m counting on the fact that the ‘go go super Ruby’ function will work properly:P

In other news…my couches finally came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does massive happy dance* I spent the weekend doing curtain shopping and rearranging the lounge until I found something I was happy with (I had to giggle at the fact that the arrangement I liked the most was the one suggested by the best friend).  Finally my lounge looks like it belongs to a grown up…who would have thought THAT could ever happen:P

Oh….and happy valentines day everyone! *hugs and kisses all around*