I am absolutely petrified of spiders. This is not a new revelation by any definition…most people who know me are well aware of my phobia a.k.a irrational fear when it comes to the eight legged ones.
It astounds me that with my practical outlook on life, people and things in general I can be completely irrational about something as lame as a spider. But the facts are that I become completely hysterical and a blubbering mess when they arrive. And trust me when I say…if you even suspect there might me a spider….ask me, I’ll probably spot it in seconds.

This evening as I was getting ready for bed I ventured into the spare bathroom. Bear in mind that this is where my shower is located….which means that I’m in there every single morning. As I walked in I was confronted by a spider on the ceiling….cue hysteria. It did not stop there. As I looked around the bathroom I was confronted by MILLIONS of spiders all over. I have no idea where they came from…they were not in there this morning when I took a shower. I got so freaked out the hysteria got hysterical:/ to be honest I’m still in tears and shivering….even after I almost committed suicide by doom spraying….I still can’t feel my tongue:/
I’m writing this while I sit on my bed, armed with my weapon of choice. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow please send reinforcements:(

Oh…and my 365 for today is of my weapon of choice: