Today’s picture is of a little dog called Polly-Anna. A couple of weeks ago, on the day that my gran died, my neighbour had to look after 3 little 2 week old puppies whose mom had died. At the time I was an emotional wreck, having just heard about my gran. Those little puppies provided more love and comfort than I could imagine. The owner sent this picture yesterday to show how much they have grown…it made me smile




For the last three weeks I’ve been doggy sitting for the parentals while they went about the task of meeting and getting to know their grandson, my gorgeous nephew Baby B:)
Sally, the dog, is one of the most remarkable animals I’ve ever seen and over the years she’s literally become a part of the family. She was so beautifully behaved and I absolutely loved having her:) The parentals and Sally returned home today…my house seems so empty and quiet without her:/ So today’s picture is of my darling doggy Sally:)