Dear Readers

It seems all I ever do these days is play catchup. I’ve been particularly bad at posting on my little blog this year (you know, life and work and whatever else keeps us busy) and then I end up doing little catchup posts to bring everyone back in the loop of things. This post is really no different. It’s a roundup of the last couple of weeks (yep, it’s been that long since i last posted O_o)

So I’ve been doggy sitting for the parentals this week as they went on a little road trip, but they’re on their way back as we speak and will be here to spend my birthday weekend with me. Awesome, especially since they missed the big Three Oh last year due to the birth of their first grandchild:)

I’ve also recently learned that no matter how hard I try I don’t understand people or the choices they make even though they know and admit to knowing that it’s the wrong one. It makes no sense to me. I’m very much a black and white kind of person…grey areas are a relatively foreign concept to me and I get confused when people willfully make decisions they know is a disaster. I’ve witnessed this with friends and work and family in the last couple of weeks…it’s a tough one, because it’s not exactly generally considered OK for me to grab a hold of them and shake them, so I leave them to go on their merry way and to learn their own life lessons…I’m still confused though.

Life has been fairly quiet really…work has been busy, but not as hectic as it was earlier in the year and I’ve been keeping myself busy with Kitchen tea arrangements, friends, wine tastings and *twinkle eyes* holiday planning. This is the one piece of news i have that is absolutely fantastic. After working my butt off for over 18 months without a single break I will finally be taking a holiday:) The last year and a half has been hectic and I haven’t had any time off/away. No little weekends away, hell, rarely a weekend that wasn’t spent working to begin with. I worked all through last december and took the total of new year’s day and Christmas day off the entire time. It was time for some me time. So in August I’ll be jetting off to Europe for a fun-filled two weeks. I can’t wait! And don’t worry, you guys will be getting like a million pics on the blog to look at:)

So, consider yourself “in the loop”.


P.S. I’ve attached some pretty for you…a beautiful sunset and a pic of my early birthday flowers;)


Gracing you with a little bit of pretty. Africa really does give us the most amazing sunsets:)
Gracing you with a little bit of pretty. Africa really does give us the most amazing sunsets:)



Dear HQ Sandton

I would just like to pop you a quick note to say thank you for hosting my party on Saturday:) Throughout the process I was assisted by competent and friendly individuals (specifically Riaan and Bruce) and their advice and help was highly appreciated.

The food, as always was divine and my only complaint involves one of your staff members breaking the stiletto shoe on my cake *sulks*. Other than that I am one happy and satisfied little customer.

I’ve included a few snapshots of the night…I have so many pictures, but sadly I can’t put ALL of them here.  I’ve included only a few with some of my friendsters.  Thanx again!



My dearest Mommy person

The mommy

Happy birthday!!!!  I hope that you had the most amazing day, that dad spoiled you rotten and that the year ahead will be filled with blessings and love and laughter and much happiness.

Every day that I look at my life and the part you had played in it I have to smile and I realise how incredibly grateful I am, and how lucky I am to have been blessed with a mother like you.  I thank God everyday for the treasure I hold in my heart.  I have 2 amazing parents who not only love me very much, but who love each other.  Who after 35 years of marriage are still as in love as they were in the days of their courting.

Thank you for everything that you have done for me, for what you continue doing and for the part you’ve played in making me the person I am today. The confidence, love, enthusiasm and encouragement the two of you give me all the time is more than any child could ask for.  And I wish I could express just how much this means to me.

You are one of the most amazing women I know.  You are full of love, passionate, caring, humble, soft, hard-working and a fighter for what’s right and just.  Harsh words and anger rarely touches that beautiful face that I love so much.  Your passion for God and for what you believe in shines through in everything you do, and when I hear other people talk of you I am proud to call you my mother.  I have so much respect for who and what you are, and it is with love, gratitude, pride and happiness that I think of you.

You’re my mother, my friend, my confidant, my mentor and, as far as a human can be, half of the rock in my life (Dad being the other half of course).  Thank you for being the best mommy person in the whole wide world, for always being there, for loving us exactly as we are and encouraging us to be even better.

Happy birthday mommy.  Love and miss you so very much!


Celebrating my new job with the Mommy person
Celebrating the new job with the Mommy person