Who wants a mini Ruby carepackage?

So TomTom have launched a little campaign. They’re sending me the cutest little gifts and clues relating to POI (Points of Interest) on their TomTom devices. I’ve decided to turn this into a series of mini competitions on my blog:) So here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to post a picture of the little gift. If you want to win a mini Ruby care package, then you have to guess what the point of interest is and leave a comment with your guess. If there are no correct guesses by tomorrow morning I’ll give you guys a clue. If there is only one correct guess that person obviously wins the package. If there are a few correct guesses I will literally throw all the names in a hat and draw a winner:) So here is your first clue:


In case you can’t tell…that would be a giraffe:) So guess away!

The competition closes tomorrow (Tuesday 4 December 2012) at 17:00.

*This competition was not launched by TomTom or their PR company, and as such they can not be held liable in any way.


HINT: So since nobody has managed to get the answer right so far, we’ll give you a hint:) “Malmon the famous animated Giraffe escapes to go to which island mapped out on the TomTom device?”


And the winner is : RandomThoughtSo! Whoop! Congrats Cath:)


Dear Secret Santa

So this year I decided to take part in the blogger Secret Santa initiated by @thestilettoMum and I promise that I deserve a really lovely Christmas gift because I’ve been insanely good and it’s been a rather tough year…everyone deserves a pick me up:)  I’ve attached a list of guidelines to help you find the perfect Ruby friendly gift:)

  • I ❤ blades….knives, swords, short swords…they make me happy:)
  • My current colour obsessions involve turquoise, french carnival blue, mint and white.
  • I adore candles (as long as they aren’t flowery scented…that gives me headaches)
  • I’m a bit of a stationery whore O_o
  • Big big fan of red wine and coffee
  • Nail polish is always a big favourite:) I have a wide variety of colours and I change colours almost as often as I change clothes:)
  • Shoes and handbags = Achilles heel
  • I have a soft spot for unique clocks..I own quite a few of these already
  • I’m obsessed with strange and unique necklaces and bracelets

Well, I hope this helps you in your Secret Santa Shopping Quest:)




Dear Being Brazen

So the gorgeous Being Brazen recently had a fantastic give away on her blog.  The prize was a bottle of the unisex scent,  ‘Unbreakable Bond’, by Khloe and Lamar from the South African online store Eterniti.  Lucky little me managed to win this random draw and the fragrance arrived in my grubby little paws during the week:)

While the smell is absolutely amazing (it really is), I found that it is too masculine for my taste, which means I might gift it to one of my guy friends or family members.  However, just because I won’t necessarily be wearing it, doesn’t mean I don’t love getting these awesome gifts:)

Thank you so much for the awesome give away lady! Looking forward to taking part in (and hopefully winning) many more:P


Dear Louisa

I suspect I’m a bit late to the party, but I only saw your post now:) Thank you so much for giving me this:

I HAD to giggle at your nomination…it’s scarily erm…accurate:P

So according to your blog post I now have to tell you 7 things about me that you don’t know….this becomes harder every time I have to do it…I’m not all that interesting and I’ve done a whole bunch of similar posts, so I’ve had to really dig deep.

1.  I don’t discuss emotional personal issues easily.  I prefer just shoving them down deep and dealing with them by myself.  I’ve learned that I’m far more comfortable being somebody else’s support structure and shoulder to cry on than being the one needing support.  Because of this I’ve often been accused of being secretive and mysterious…But it’s who I am. I don’t share easily.

2.  I’m just a tad obsessed about decorating my office in pink and white and black lace.  The plan was formulated the moment i started looking for a new home where I would have a dedicated office…the execution thereof has only started recently.

3.  Recently I spent about a week reconsidering my chosen profession and all the choices available to me due to a rather scary event.  I always knew my job to be dangerous, but being confronted like that makes you question many things.  However…I love what I do, and not to sound presumptuous, but I’m good at it and I’m refusing to let third parties’ actions spoil that for me.  #CSIRuby is here to stay:)

4.  My life would be incomplete without peanut butter M&M’s (Ok, you probably knew that already…but I had to slip it in there)

5.  I’ve lost roughly 7kg’s in the last 3 months without even trying to.  Stress is an amazing weight loss tool 😛

6.  Despite not having done ballet in like forever and a year ago I can still put my feet behind my head

7.  I’ve broken my nose……more than once..

Right…I’m supposed to nominate 5 – 10 other bloggers, but I think I’m going to cheat just a little bit.  I don’t like nominating people for things.  So, if you’re reading this letter and you haven’t done this one yet….please consider yourself nominated and take part:)

Here’s what you have to do:
1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog
2. Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet
3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other blogs you usually follow
4. Let the nominees know that they are nominated & include their blog-links
5. Link the person who nominated you



Dear Glacéau vitaminwater

Thank you so much for the goodie bag I received today:) I just said earlier this week that I don’t have a laptop bag for the little HP Folio I won the other day and then today you guys pitched up at my client’s offices with not ONLY a laptop bag but also some free Vitaminwater goodies…my co-workers were also thankful for these:P The gifts are very much appreciated:)