Dear Spineless critters who call themselves my slaves

That’s it! I’ve had enough. Yes, you are my responsibility, yes, I am your direct boss, yes, I am here to help you when you need to ask a question……but hell!

You are now second year clerks. You should be able to do quite a few things on your own. I shouldn’t have to go through everything you do with a fine comb, send it back to fix 12 times and eventually end up fixing it myself because it’s just taking too long. I shouldn’t be wasting my precious time on silly little clients whose bills aren’t large enough to cover even one hour spent on it by me….that’s what you are for…cheap labour.

I’ve done my share. I’ve spent 3 years living underneath the breadline in order to qualify. I’ve worked myself to death in order to sit at this here desk and be the mini boss……..i did not do it so I could spend all my time doing your work.

I’m so tired it’s not even funny. Working 11 and a half hours every single day is not fun, and certainly not fair. I’m here at 7 every day and i only leave at half past 6…if I’m really lucky. My poor little “Jack” is suffering from a lack of attention due to the fact that I’m always working and always thinking of work. The boss and I had a fight the other day because of your inability to do work which should be done by a first year clerk. I have had enough!

From now on you will do as you are told. You will actually listen to me when i tell you to do something. I couldn’t care less about the fact that due to your culture you find it hard to take orders from a lady, one who is younger than yourself, or someone from a different culture. I was employed to do a job, and i will do so…..even if i have to stand behind you whip in hand.(come now boys…no pictures of little ruby standing in leathers with whip in hand….this is serious stuff)

The list of offenses in my little book is growing nicely and soon enough I’ll have enough to create a nice little disciplinary. And I swear, from there onwards it will be all downhill. Take me to the CCMA, to whom ever you like. I have enough proof to sink you and get you thrown out of the profession for ever!

So this is just a little note to warn you guys to stay on your toes, look behind you and be afraid. I may be sweet little Ruby, but even really nice people are allowed to become mean when necessary.

Now get back to work!

Mini-boss Ruby