Dear dude with the flower

Gosh! I don’t know what to say! I do not usually suffer of the thing called “a loss for words” but today I am. I suppose thank you would be in order. But that is where i get stuck. I hope this letter of thanks and the big smile on my face this morning was enough.

This morning I overslept ever so slightly…most probably due to the fact that I was at a party last night and only got home really late…but I suppose it might have had something to do with the weather, or some other mundane incident during the night…who knows and who cares. The fact is I overslept, and I’m never in a very happy mood when i oversleep.

I hurried through my morning routine at an alarmingly fast pace and managed to leave the house no more than 10 minutes later than usual(well done rubes!!!!). It was raining, traffic was bad, there were 4 accidents on route, i forgot that i had to fill up my tank before i left for work so that made me even later…all in all, the morning was pretty crap, i was in a somber mood due to this and the world looked miserable.

then suddenly as I waited rather impatiently at the traffic light there was a soft knock on my window. dude!!! you can be so glad i didn’t have my pepper spray right there with me like i usually do…you would have felt like dying!!! you don’t just knock on people’s car windows when they are waiting at a traffic light! that’s dangerous business!

anyway, after regaining control of my heartbeat and realising that you looked harmless enough and noticing the odd thing you were holding in your hand, i opened the window. You held out the object to me, smiled from ear to ear and solemnly pronounced “you’re so pretty……please take this flower, i just picked it in my garden”

I was flabbergasted! my jaw dropped, i dumbly took the flower while mumbling a thank you and then you turned around and returned to your gate, went in and closed it. You had given a strange girly a couple of garden flowers while she was waiting at the traffic light just like that!

You will never know this….but today you have become a little hero:) My day brightened considerably. I sang all the way to work, managed to go through it with very little trouble, and I even managed to start enjoying this whole “being the boss” thing.

Today has been a marvelous day….all thanx to you sir. The little bunch of flowers are proudly standing on my desk for all to see. Especially me, so that i can remember how wonderful life really is…even when you’ve overslept




12 thoughts on “Dear dude with the flower

  1. One of these days! Some dude is going to ask you to open your window and snatch your keys your sucker!!I haven’t received flowers all this year!!! I’m miffed!

  2. i doubt it….usuall I have my pepperspray handy…but in the rush this morning it stayed behind.I’m usualy overparanoid! No flowers???? I’ll hafta discuss this with S4!!

  3. Nats – If i hadn’t been in such a foul mood i probably would have sat in my car…considered the weirdness of the situation, indicated to him to leave and phoned the police.Elizabeth – it was definitely devine intervention…i would never have done done it at any other time! but its was so sweet…i loved it tooSweetass – jealousy makes you nasty…not to mention that green will possibly clash with your outfit today(just kidding) I’m usually not that trusting…honestly! I surprised myself by my reaction, totally out of character.Isn’t it sad how society has become? I mean this man did something really sweet you know, and everybody is saying how weird he is, that he must be crazy and that i took a big risk by taking flowers from a strange guy. Me included!

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