Sandwich Baron


Today I ordered a Cheese Salad from your Melrose Crossing outlet. It’s not that there was anything wrong with the taste, the packaging, the price or the ingredients. In fact, I sort of enjoyed the little salad. Or I would have if I was preparing myself to eat a french salad.

Thing is…when I order a cheese salad I expect delectable cubes of different types of cheeses…at least Feta and Mozzarella….. along with some salady things like lettuce, onions, tomato etc. But a lot of focus on the cheese cubes since it is after all a CHEESE salad. Am I wrong in expecting this???

I do not expect a normal French salad with grated cheese on top! It’s an outrage! If I wanted a French Salad I would have ordered one and asked for a little bit of grated cheese on top. But I wanted a cheese salad…I was in the mood for cheese!

I would appreciate it if you could look into the matter for me.




10 thoughts on “Sandwich Baron

  1. OH my goodness!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Your letters are brilliantly funny!I ordered a chicken salad once and half way through eating the greenery I suddenly wondered where the chicken was… HATE IT!!Have a wicked weekend!!x

  2. My housemate gets a cheese salad from Tesco’s (local supermarket) all the time and it is basically a normal boring salad with grated cheese on the top. I also do not understand why it is called a “Cheese Salad”.Damn liars. I want cheese!

  3. Bridge – I’m guessing the nickname is in return for bridge? It’s cool tho;-) Rhu…..wasn’t the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Pooh called Rhu/Roo/Rooh? Anyway, thanx;-)Glug – I’ll use my ridiculous intelect to shove it into a letter….watch this space;-)

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