Dear ghost of weekend past

Wow…you really snuck up on all of us, and then proceeded to leave us with our heads spinning.  You were in and out so fast I barely had time to enjoy your stay *sulk*.

I’ve been relatively unsocial this weekend to be honest.  I just haven’t been up to it, for various reasons.  But I did get a lot done and I suppose that’s what weekends are for.  I even managed to spend quite a bit of time just relaxing and being lazy…this made me happy:)

Friday evening and the whole of saturday was spent at home.  I was tired, stressed and in desperate need of some me time.  It’s been a rough week work wise, and in between everything else I’ve been trying to sort out things that need to be done before i leave in 2 weeks. EEEEEEEEK!!!! *insert mini super excited super stressed freak out here*.  Also, someone who is really close to me has been in hospital the entire week.  Being worried about someone important really does drain you…emotionally and otherwise.  He’s doing alright and showing great improvement, but he’s still in hospital, and to be honest, until he’s home safe my worry levels will remain high.  It’s just the way I am.

Today didn’t go quite as planned, but it ended up being a really fun day:)  I went shopping for the new laptop.  You know, just comparing specs and prices and measuring up what I really want against what I really need.  It’s quite a labour intensive process I assure you.  But by the end of the week I need to make a decision and I won’t be happy with my choice unless I KNOW I did all my homework.

Laptopshopping was supposed to followed by a late lunch with a couple of friends, but due to unforeseen circumstances this was cancelled at the VERY last-minute.  Which allowed me to attend the GirlGuides event.  Much fun was had with the girls where conversation circled around gadgets, little bits of admin, new jobs, gadgets, boys, reviews, gadgets and more gadgets.  Altogether a really fun day:)

Sadly my sunday evening is filled with work.  We’re starting a brand new client tomorrow and there is a lot of planning and documentation involved with starting a new electronic file.  My last bit of overtime for the new job I guess:)

So weekend, please tell the week ahead that I hope to have a good one.  It’s going to be an emotional one I’m sure.  It’s my last week at my present employer.  I’ve been there for 6 years…that is a LOT of memories and a lot of blood, sweat, tears and happy times.  Please let my friend improve swiftly, please let the fact that I have to trek to Pretoria every day this week not affect my mood, please let me find the laptop I want..and most of all..please fill my week with happiness, laughter and moments shared with the people I care about.





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