Dear Being Brazen

As per your usual current addictions post, and the understanding that i’m allowed to copy the idea. I’ve once again decided to address a letter to you to describe my current addictions:) I hope you don’t mind?

1. Toblerone
I just can’t help myself….I’m semi addicted to it at the moment. But I limit my intake, as too much of it will definitely result in over sized body parts:P
2. Twilight series
As you know i bought the box set, the dvd and the soundtrack not so long ago:) Am loving it to bits…books have been read twice in a very very short space of time and the dvd’s been watch more than i care to count:)3. Mutemath
I totally adore this band. Enough said!4. Breaking Benjamin
Ok, so it’s obvious I like music…just another one of my recent discoveries:)5. Beret
I have very recently discovered the wonders of wearing a beret…..and i loves it!Love



11 thoughts on “Dear Being Brazen

  1. Yay for berets! As you know, I know a couple and I love them. They're especially useful to keep my wet hair (HATE hairdryers) off my neck 😉

  2. Of course I dont mind :)I Love Twilight too, I also have the soundtrack and DVD…obsessed? yes I am.I Love Mutemath…first found them on Twilight CD. Love the spotlight song.YOu look so cute with Beret on.

  3. sleepyjane – hehe…and Yay for you! you had a hand in breaking benjamin for one:)spear – I loved them all!!!!! waaaaiiit….breaking benjamin reminds you of twilight? how odd!Tamtam – haha…yes you do have quite a few and a lovely new brown one was added to your collection not so long ago *nudge nudge wink wink*BB – Awe, thanx darling:) I love doing this post actually and look forward to it:)

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