It’s been a while.. by Rubyletters
June 12, 2015, 11:59
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So as I’m sure most of you realise by now…I haven’t exactly been doing my part when it comes to this blogging thing.  Hell…I haven’t even been around on twitter or any other platform all that much lately. The thing is…life has this way of getting in the way sometimes.

I’ve also adopted a far better attitude towards all forms of social media.  The guy person isn’t into it…like AT ALL and as such he’s hardly ever on his phone.  So out of respect for him I put my phone away when he arrives or when I arrive at his home. We talk, we watch movies, we laugh and we live in a time where cellphones didn’t exist. My phone stays in my bag and is only pulled out every so often to check if I’ve missed a call or a personal message that may be important. Anything that doesn’t appear to be important or life threatening can wait..face to face time is simply more important.

Then of course….work. I think by now we’ve established I’m a complete and utter workaholic…I’m ok with that. It means I work hard when I need to and delivered an excellent result in record time. It’s my thing and I’m happy with that. The guy person also seems to get this for the most part.  I don’t understand people who don’t try to be the best at what they do….people who do a job just for the sake of having one and earning a salary…people who don’t get passionate about what they spend most of their time doing. I realise they probably don’t understand me either…but seriously…what is wrong with you?

So the new job has been great for the most part. Big corporate life and being a permanent staff member is far different from being the contractor and I’m trying to adjust to the changes with a smile….I’m successful at it too…for the most part. Certain things frustrate me and the red tape and office politics irritate me on occasion but for the most part I’m totally rocking this corporate thing. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a true legend in my field and he has been a constant source of wisdom and support and for that I can’t possibly thank him enough.

Obviously I can’t go into any work related details…the job description pretty much says “hush-hush”, but what I will tell you is that rest assured…the bad guys…we be catching them:)

In other news…life is sometimes hard, but I’ve gotten pretty good and faking a smile till I make it. I’m dealing with a lot of emotional and human related issues at present…not to mention shouldering the struggles of the people I care about (I do that). Life is by no means moonshine and roses…but it is mostly good and I’m mostly happy and I’m infinitely grateful for all the amazing people and things in my life.

So I may be a little scarce sometimes…but I’m always here. And maybe soon I’ll return to regular updates and all kinds of drivel on this here blog:)

Dear New Beginnings by Rubyletters
January 14, 2015, 14:24
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So 2014 wasn’t a great year…I think we’ve all established this. It jumped between unemployment, employment, emotional turmoil, overseas trips, near death health issues and utter chaos more than I ever want to be reminded. But here we are in 2015 with a bunch of new opportunities knocking on my door and it is with great excitement that I embark on a whole new, and totally different kind of journey.

You see, on Monday I joined the ranks of a rather well known big corporate as a permanent staff member. I am very excited about the opportunities and experience that this well thought out, overly debated and sleepless night inducing decision will bring. Truthfully, it wasn’t an easy one…but it’s the best decision for me right now. So here we are…standing on the brink of something new and looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed and scared half to death.

Can I do this? Can I really really do this and make a huge success of it? OF COURSE I BLOODY CAN! Or rather that’s what I proudly exclaim to the world while my insides shake and my heart skips a beat (or two or three). So far so good….I haven’t been required to do anything except look pretty and professional, collect a laptop and sit around…this will hopefully change soon as “ledigheid is die duiwel se oorkussing” (as my gran would say). I’m not a fan of not being busy….as most of you know I’m that overly busy person who thrives under pressure and laughs in the face of unrealistic deadlines.

So here’s to new beginnings and exciting changes and a splendid 2015. If nothing else it will most certainly be better than 2014, that much I’m sure of.


Dear Bosslady by Rubyletters
March 1, 2012, 21:59
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So, today marks the one year anniversary of becoming self-employed. Yay me!  It has not been easy and at times it has been down right stressful.  But I have to tell you that not for one single second in the last year did I regret my decision.  It has been an amazing learning curve, not only with regards to my trade, but also with regards to myself, my friends, my faith and life in general.

So here’s to stepping out, to being brave and to doing my own thing.  Happy anniversary to me:)

Dear people of Namibia by Rubyletters
May 8, 2011, 23:40
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So I recently returned home after spending 7 weeks in your gorgeous country for business.  I was super excited at the beginning of this trip as it symbolised many things.  It was the start of my new career, and signified giant changes in my life.  My life was literally turned upside down and inside out and just to make sure I realised that I had made big changes, I jetted off to your beautiful country for my first contract.

In general I was treated well.  The people were friendly, I remembered this from my previous visits also.  And apart from a few hiccups along the way (this included a cold, 3 spider bites, being bitten by a mole cricket, my car being egged while I was driving and a bruised elbow) my stay was genuinely awesome:)

I was astounded at the volume of rain your country received in the time that I was there.  I think out of the 7 weeks I was there, you might have had 5 days with no rain…other than that it rained at least once a day, EVERY day and some days it just rained the whole day.  I went in search of the desert on numerous occasions, but all I could find were foliage covered dunes….it looked nothing like the desert I remembered.  In a normal year Windhoek would receive roughly around 300mm of rain annually.  You guys have had over a 1000mm of rain in 3 months! and it hasn’t stopped raining just yet.  While all the rain means your country is even more spectacular than usual, your infrastructure was not designed for this much water.  EVERYTHING has started falling apart.  Your roads are pothole riddled and even worse than the roads in Jozi, and in some places the roads have completely collapsed.  Windhoek also has a number of rivers crossing roads, but since you hardly ever have a lot of water there are no bridges, the roads just run through the dry river beds.  These rivers have been flooding, which made driving to work every morning a rather stressful experience on some days.

I stayed in beautiful guesthouses, made wonderful new friends, discovered incredible talent music wise at the most obscure places, discovered awesome little spicy cherry shots, could snack on delightful german delicacies, came to the conclusion that I really love my new job and managed to head off an investigation that will make the individual under investigation have an accident in his pants.

Thank you for a wonderful 7 weeks.  I look forward to returning to your country in a couple of weeks’ time to conclude the investigation.  I’ve included a couple of pics for you to view at your pleasure:)



Spicy cherry shots!!!

Spicy cherry shots...yumminess!

Musical talent
These two guys were awesome….really enjoyed their performance
Luigi and the fish

One of the interesting restaurants/pubs i got to go to


One of the roads the completely collapsed


Flooded road...this is actually one of the main roads O_o


this pic was taken from the drive way of my guesthouse...that's supposed to be a road


One of the many spiders that haunted me while i was there...can anybody say heartattack????

more floods

More flooded roads


Another piece of musical talent I discovered....

Dear *insert name of guesthouse here* by Rubyletters
April 7, 2011, 22:51
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So I’ve been making use of your establishment for a total of 16 nights now.  The place is absolutely lovely.  It is so lovely with the little (read not so little in the current flood situation) river running just below, the splash pool and the general calm and tranquility that seem to be the atmosphere you try to create.

In the time that I have been here I’ve only come across 2 things worthy of complaint.  Firstly, and I do understand that this is a bed and breakfast you run here, but surely it’s my choice if I want to partake in the breakfast?  Last week I was simply just running late every morning and couldn’t afford to go and have a sit down breakfast.  The two weekends that i spend here I try and relax as much as possible, considering that the job is highly stressful and that I’m not at home and in a super relaxed environment.  I was amazed to find out that you only serve your breakfast between 7 and 9 in the morning.  While 9am is perfectly fine for a weekday if you are in town for business…..there is no way that I’m going to drag myself out of bed and get myself presentable to face a whole bunch of people for breakfast before 9 on a saturday/sunday morning if I didn’t wake up early to begin with.  In my opinion this is my choice and I’m free to do so…I am after all paying the full amount regardless of whether I’m making use of your breakfast facilities or not.  I do NOT think it is on that your manager approaches me over the weekend to inform me that she considers it rude of me NOT to attend breakfast. WHAT THE HELL??

Secondly….I love the fact that your staff comes in every morning around 11 to clean my room and make sure everything is super clean and tidy when I get home after work.  It’s nice to walk into a fresh smelling room with clean towels and sheets every day.  And until today I would not have complained about this.  But today I got back and the door to my room was wide open.  Not just unlocked, oh no, WIDE OPEN.  It had been wide open since 11 this morning when you guys finished cleaning it.  Leaving all my personal belongings open for all and sunder who have to walk past my room to get to theirs to investigate.  While I’m extremely grateful that nothing was taken I would just like to inform you that this is not on.

Yes, crime statistics in Namibia are much lower than what they are in SA.  But you know what? It doesn’t matter.  It’s a matter of principle.  You don’t just leave my things that I have entrusted into your care open for the whole world to look at.  You had no right.  And I’m sure your response would be…it was a mistake, we’re very sorry.  But you know what…if you want to run this kind of establishment you can not afford to make these types of mistakes.  It is completely and utterly unacceptable.  I think my annoyance became even greater when I was unable to locate your manager to complain about this.  According to you guys there is a manager on site 24 hours a day…yet, although I looked everywhere and I rang the bell I could not locate this so-called manager.

Please, you really need to sort this stuff out.  Other than that you run a really awesome little guesthouse.  But I’m not exactly happy at the moment.



The view

The view from my own personal little patio at the guesthouse

Dear readers by Rubyletters
March 13, 2011, 23:56
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Sooooo, I haven’t written you guys a letter in quite some time.  And as bad as I feel about neglecting you guys I’m not about to apologize:P It’s been a hectic 2 weeks.  The first week I spent trying to get all my affairs into gear and the second marked my first week in my new job as forensic investigator….*does excited little happy dance*.

SO I’ve decided to start off my new blogging streak with a dear readers know, the little game I play where i start a sentence and then you get to finish it the comments section of the blog…play nice:)

I discovered….. That I really really love my new job:) it makes me feel alive and happy and passionate.

I do not….. in any way feel guilty bout building a case against someone who cheats and steals and embezzles for a living.  I look forward to knowing that I helped with something like that.

Spider……. bites are not ideal:/  2 in a week, even more so.  The left side of my face is currently completely swollen and I can barely see out of my left eye thanx to one of those scary, monster like, 8 legged freaks I’m so incredibly petrified of.

Friends….can be made over a glass of wine if you’re willing to take the risk of getting to know them.

That being said…. making friends with strangers….. can result in a situation you really don’t want (thank goodness I managed to dodge that bullet)

Eating….. the same breakfast every single day can get a bit boring…regardless of how elaborate and luxurious that breakfast may be.

The things…… I’ve missed the most in the last week has been my best friend and my house.

I love…my mac:)

Bad things….. happen to good people too:/

Not having access to internet….. can result in a big gap in information.  I only learned about the earthquake and the tsunami late on the evening it happened…as I only had access to internet after i got home from dinner.

OK my lovelies…off you go.  Your turn:)


Dear Mr. Bossman and company by Rubyletters
March 1, 2011, 19:34
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I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye.  While I always knew the time would come at some point…it’s arrival has caught me off guard.

It’s been 6 years (can you believe it’s been that long??) of ups and downs.  Filled with growing pains and loads of hard work for all of us.  But looking back on it all I can truly say that it’s been mostly ups…there have been very few downs in the last 6 years, and the ones we did have, have been written off to experience and personal growth.

Friday was my official last day at the office, but we were filled with smiles and laughing throughout my farewell because we all knew we’d see each other again on monday morning when I would be popping in to drop off my laptop and office keys….my final goodbye.  I managed to stick to my motto of ‘no tears’ on friday until numerous clients started responding to my final e-mail saying farewell.  My last hour at the office was filled with phone calls and e-mails…many of which drove me to teary eyes.  Not only will I be missed by my colleagues, but also by clients.  I’ve spent 6 years building up relationships with these people, and just like that it’s over.

Monday morning was the worst.  You became all emotional and even gave me a hug when I finally left the office, without a key, a remote or a computer.  My final connection to the office has been severed.  You informed me that your morning had been filled with clients phoning, asking you to send their regards and well wishes when you did speak to me.  It was hard saying goodbye to the staff…people who I have come to call my friends. It was a moment of absolute sadness….followed by a moment of excitement.  The future is shining bright and I can’t wait to go and do my thing.

Thank you so much for the support you have given me in the last 6 years.  Thank you for your support and well wishes in my choice to make a life change.  Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to do the best that I could in the last 6 years.

With fond memories



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